Hail the weekend!


Although this week is a short one after the Labour Day long weekend, I feel exhausted by the end of the week. It’s always the case after every long weekend, it’s as if you had to pay for the luxury of having another day off with a hectic week.

It’s similar to the period before and after you take a prolonged annual leave – you start your leave feeling weary after trying to accomplish as much as possible before you take some time off, and when you return to work, you end up having to work extra hard as well trying to catch up with your work. You just can’t win! 🙁

So within this four-day week, I had several important meetings, three tutorial classes to teach, tutorial tests to mark and lots of things to accomplish! I have to force myself to keep on going with my thesis otherwise I will fall behind. Sometimes writing can be such a drag. Hehe. It’s amazing to realise that I have been in my postgraduate programme for eight months already as well. I have another year and it’ll all be over! Time flies!

Well, time to leave the uni – I’m thinking of going to Chinatown before we have our weekly youth group meeting. It’s always a great experience to walk through Central Market on Fridays and soak in the hustle and bustle of the market. I may even stuff my face with a bread or two … haha.

Have a fantastic Friday!

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