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Keyhole Cichlid

I am totally tired tonight – it’s been a very long day! After two important meetings at work today, I then took the bus to the local aquarium store in Plympton to get myself a new fishtank. It’s an expense that I can do without – just when I have to save some money to buy a car, as well as for the trip to New Zealand in November (although the University takes care of the airfare and the accommodation for me during the conference, I still need to think about the extra days after the conference as well as Yani’s airfare).

It started a couple of weeks ago when I noticed some water underneath the aquarium – I thought perhaps it was some spillover from the last time that I did some water change. I noticed it again this week that made me very suspicious – then Yani told me yesterday that she heard some water dripping from the aquarium. Sure enough, there was water dripping everywhere, from each corner of the aquarium cabinet. Because of the dripping water, the area was starting to smell like some fishmarket as well. Urgh.

Taking care of fish it’s also a continuous commitment – it’s hard to get away from it once you’ve started. Of course I could’ve put the fish in a bucket and then offer them to anybody who would like my assortment of tropical fish. However, I didn’t have the heart to let them go – and if I attempted to find and fix the leak, I would need to take the fish out, take all of the plants, the gravel, the stones and ornaments, and then drain the aquarium. Even then, there was no guarantee that I could find the leak and fix it. So I thought I would just get a new fishtank – besides, with depreciation, perhaps my old aquarium is already over its lifespan. 🙂

So I made some enquiries today from work and then went over to Seaview Aquarium Centre – I got a similar fishtank to the one that I had, only taller (Aqua One AquaStyle 620T) so instead of 90L aquarium now I have a 130L aquarium. 🙂 It would allow more swimming area for my current fish, but I can’t necessarily add any more fish, as the water surface area is still the same. I also bought some more gravel, another ornament as well as a new plant for the fishtank. Due to the size of the aquarium, unfortunately I couldn’t bring it over in a bus nor could I call a normal cab. I had to order a station wagon and since it was a busy period, I had to wait quite a while until one was dispatched.

After a quick dinner, I spent my evening taking the aquarium water into several buckets (I used as much water from my old tank to lessen the shock for my fish when they are moved to the new one), took the ornaments, stones and plants out and then chased the fish around so I could put all of them in a bucket while I did the changeover. Yani then had to help me shift the old fishtank so I could reuse the cabinet, and since we thought it would be nice to have the fishtank in the dining room instead, we had to move the cabinet over. Quite an exercise indeed! When most of the water had been siphoned out, I then had the task of moving the gravel from the old tank into the new tank – which of course, was quite yucky – having accummulated poo and ‘stuff’ for four years! Funny that you don’t mind handling your pets’ poo – whether it’s your dog, cat, fish, or whatever! 🙂 The old gravel was also essential for my new fishtank as it would also lessen the shock as well as provide the new fishtank with the bacteria needed to break down the nitrates and nitrites. I didn’t wash the ornaments and plants and I also reused the carbon filters as they would also provide more of the bacteria.

The new fishtank is all set now – my piscine family are doing well in their new home, even though they were a bit traumatised for a while, not wanting to swim closer to the surface. The changeover also allowed me to do a census of the fish that I have in my fishtank: 4 pristella tetras, 4 black neon tetras, 4 glowlight tetras, 4 kuhli loaches, 2 keyhole cichlids, 1 kribensis, 1 dwarf gourami, 1 clown loach, and 3 bronze corydoras. Some of the fish can be quite territorial, especially the kribensis – but they generally get along well together. 🙂

After all of the hardwork of cleaning up the fishtank and moving the contents, I am totally spent! :zzz: I hope the fish love their new house!

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