On a beautiful day like today …

… I’m sitting in my quiet office, doing some work.

Yeap – I’m in my building now, working in my quiet office and accompanied by the sound of the traffic and the occasional whacking sound of the skateboard on the pavement from the skating area just across the road. I was meaning to go to the Philosophy of Research class this morning, after I joined the first session on Positivism and Empiricism last week but I got to the city late. In my rationalisation, I think I would only disrupt the discussions by arriving late. This week the class will discuss Interpretivism and Critical Theory – I don’t think I will do any of the two paradigms in my research. Thankfully I got the general idea when we discussed the Introduction last week. I intend to join the class again next week, as I think it would be useful for me to know about other paradigms outside Empiricism in case I do end up being an academic researcher. At the moment, I believe I am more of a Logical Positivist or an Empiricist – being influenced by my science education and my nature to question things and to base things on proofs and facts. It is certainly an interesting situation juggling my faith and belief and my empirical nature. At times, faith is definitely proven by the glimpses of wisdom that God provides. 🙂

So I thought rather than going back home, I should just head to my campus and do some work – and then enjoy the day in the city and perhaps head back home later on to do some gardening and housework. It’s nice to step down from cerebral activities and be in touch with mundane but therapeutic tasks around the house. The sunshine, blue sky and cool breeze also provide a nice touch for today. It’d be such a waste to spend the day indoor. 🙂

The whole weekend will be just like today – blue sky, sunshine and gentle breeze – superb!

Well, I’m going to do some more work before I walk around in the city again. I will need to head over to St Georges as well later on this afternoon to have a prayer meeting at my pastor’s house and discuss about the progress of the Christmas celebration.

It’s a beautiful day!




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