Spring has sprung!


It’s a fantastic day in Adelaide with the sun finally staying long enough to warm up the air and the earth. Spring has been quite cool this year – some of the trees are yet to grow their leaves even though the flowers are already out in full force. The nights are also still cold, so I am ready for the warmer days – and it’s finally here! Woohoo indeed – I can do some more gardening as well as some housework: cracks to fill in and perhaps even some painting (or so I tell myself).

To top it all, it’s the ‘Labour Day’ long weekend here in South Australia, along with New South Wales and ACT so it’s going to be a great long weekend indeed! Unfortunately I have a class to attend on Saturday – I’m taking the Philosophy of Research series on three Saturdays. I did the first class last weekend when we covered Empiricism and Positivisim. It was a serious brain and attention exercise to think about difficult concepts and theories, especially since the class was conducted from 9.00am – 4.00pm. This week we’re going to study Interpretivism and Critical Theory – no doubt I would feel like a zombie by 4.00pm, ready to enjoy the weekend properly. I don’t have any major plans for the weekend except for church on Sunday. Yani and I have also been invited to a barbeque on Monday afternoon, which should be a good finale for the warm weekend.

We will also start our Daylight Saving on Sunday which would make us sacrifice an hour of sleep on Sunday but give us an extra hour of sunshine for the next six months. Good times ahead! [I’m not looking forward to the hot summer’s days but the Bureau of Meteorology mentions that summer will be relatively milder. Hurrah]

It’s quite puzzling as well to think that it’s already October – it seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago that I decided to return to university and do a research degree. I’m fast approaching my first year – I have started to write my thesis as well as planned my analysis. It would also be interesting to contrast my initial expectations and what I imagined academic life would be with what I actually experience. I’ll do that when I do my annual newsletter. 🙂 For now, I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and the magnificent weather – I’m planning to have a quick stroll through Rundle Mall and soak in the good spirit and perhaps find any early signs of Christmas.

A great time indeed!

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