Tired but contented …

After another uncertain week at work, it’s nice to face the weekend again – the weather is glorious. Autumn is definitely here – the maple trees that line my street have started to blush now in the face of the cooling days. Ahh, Autumn, glorious Autumn! It’s certainly my kind of weather — I was recently contacted by a headhunter and I told her that if there were one country or one city that has 365 days of Autumn weather, I would move rightaway. 🙂

It’s been a busy, activity-filled weekend so far – I went home from work lugging the new bedsheet that I bought from Harris Scarfe on Thursday. I didn’t bring it home on Thursday because I had a French movie to see. I was also very happy to finally receive the two Taiwanese Green Maple trees that I ordered from eBay. I had one in my sideyard and it was growing so well — unfortunately when I had my 2.5 weeks’ holiday in Indonesia and Singapore, it was crisped by the heat … 🙁 I tried to revive it with plenty of water, but I think the tree had given up by then. I also thought of returning to the city to get a coffee machine, thanks to a discussion that I had at Singapore Forum (a bulletin board for Singaporean Expats, ex-Singaporean Expats, and Expat Admirers … haha). In one of the threads, I mentioned that I liked my coffee strong and full-bodied, but when I mentioned that I drank Moccona (a brand of premium instant coffee), one of the board-members mentioned something like, “From now on, I’m going to disregard anything that you say about coffee, as a real coffee lover will never drink instant coffee.” Pah! Hehehe. I do like good coffee, but I’m too lazy to use a coffee machine in the morning. So, when Harris Scarfe had a major sale this week, I had been going there just to do a recce. Paula, my workmate, also tried to convince me that I needed one. At the end, I didn’t buy any because I thought I didn’t really need one … well, we’ll see … 🙂

I was also very happy yesterday to know that the Hammock and the Hammock Stand that I ordered through Citibank Rewards was finally delivered. It’s great when you can redeem your points with something that you really want! Yay! I have been eyeing a hammock stand at eBay, but they cost around $100 – $120, so when I found out that the Rewards Catalogue had a hammock stand, and that I had enough point for it, it was sweet! B-eau-tee!

Erecting the stand, well, that’s another story – I couldn’t wait any longer to build the stand, so I put my bags down and tried to build it. Literally, I had to wrestle the two ends of the stand, as it was really hard to put the bolt through the bar! It took me 45 minutes to build the stand, I think – through sweat and exasperation. It even rained a bit when I was building the stand – talking about dramatic circumstances! Haha. I did have a lie-down in the hammock at the end, looking at the stars and taking a rest – I also lit a tea-candle inside the Ikea lantern that I put on the table outside. Nice and relaxing …

Today, I started my day by having a walk to K-Mart to get some mulch and I also wanted to swing by Bakers Delight for some more choc-chip Hot Cross Buns (they are yummy!!!!). I ended up buying a block of mulch, another Devil’s Ivy plant for the pot in the dining room and a replacement lavender tree for the pot in front of the front porch (it also died during the heat wave).

After putting the Ivy in the pot and planting the lavender, I thought I would plant the Taiwanese Green Maple, put the mulch and that was it. At the end, I ended up pulling a huge amount of grass that grew wild through my months of laziness, pruning the native shrub that also needed a cut very badly before I commenced the planting. Hard yakka! I was sweating by the end of the hard work … Those grass are really something, their root grows underneath the surface and then the plant resurfaces somewhere else. Some of the grass has also grown stalks that appear amongst the shrubs and plants. Grrrr.

Anyway, so I planted the two Maple trees – put the mulch afterwards, and then put some Seasol fertiliser to encourage them to grow and to lessen the stress (apparently!). The Seasol liquid smells really foul … like fishy fish that has gone bad. Urgh. So I’m relaxing now before heading to the city to do some grocery shopping, head back to put the stuff down and then head back to the city again for my second French movie …

Au revoir!

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