Brushing the reader’s block


I used to be an avid reader and somehow that interest has suffered tremendously after I discovered the Internet. The ease of internet browsing and the many games installed in my iPhones also occupy my spare time, that used to be spent reading. It’s a sorry state really – rather than being mentally stimulated by intriguing non-fictions or stories that will transport me to a different time and place, I prefer to be numbed by the bite-sized reading materials and entertainments. Looking back at my past blog entries, I could sense the richness that my reading had brought to my writing. Now that I have ceased reading, the words have failed to flourish. Maybe the fact that I am part of the academic circle with its demanding commitment that I read journals and papers continuously, has put me off reading for pleasure. Perhaps I’m just making excuses *grin*.

After work today, I made my way to Rundle Mall, just to get away from the uni campus – having spent my lunch time here. I walked along Rundle Mall and stopped by Borders, and bought three books for the price of two – and got an extra one due to a campaign to get people to read again. How timely! I hope they won’t end up stacked on my bookshelves – looking pretty without being read … there are so many of the partly-reads and half-reads all over the house.

It’s time to take my imagination away from the academic claustrophobia and revisit the old literary stomping ground – discover new characters, new stories – real or imagined. From the four that I have picked up this evening, three books are non-fiction, with the free one being a short-story collection. At least I won’t feel too bad if I don’t finish the whole book but read some of the stories. 🙂

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