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Milford Sound, New Zealand - Photo courtesy of Sam @ 'The Grind' (


The last time I was in New Zealand was in the year 2000 – before that, it was in 1997. Before I fell in love with Norway, New Zealand was my first love – after Australia and Singapore, it was the third overseas country that I visited outside Indonesia. The nature and the seemingly softer nature of the people won me over and they still do. I guess if Australians were the ‘Americans’, then Kiwis would be the ‘Canadians’ – constantly comparing themselves to the big brother who is brasher and louder – bickering and yet looking up to him. 🙂

I found out this morning that a paper that I co-wrote with my thesis supervisors (Reaching a Wide Audience in a Media Fragmented Market: A Lesson from the United Kingdom) had been accepted for the conference in Christchurch at the end of November. I was feeling a bit insecure before as I didn’t know whether the paper would be accepted or not, after receiving the criticisms during my proposal stage. At least equipped with what I know now, I can only improve the paper and make it more solid for the conference!

So yeah, back to New Zealand! 🙂 This comes at a perfect time as well, just when I started thinking about holidays and wanting to get away from things for a while. I know it’s still a couple of months away but it provides me with a milestone to reach. The conference will be from 29 November – 1 December and the University has a policy that only allows us to take the same number of days off as the period of working or conference days, so three days of conference will allow me to take three days off as well. That will be enough for me to go and revisit Milford Sound – I hope I can bring Yani along and show her one of my favourite spots in New Zealand. At least we will only need to pay for one ticket and the accommodation after the conference. If I can’t be in Norway to see the fjords again for now, at least I can show her the fiords in New Zealand! 🙂


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