Toute la beauté du monde

Toute la beauté du mondeToute la beauté du monde” (All the Beauty of the World) is the first French movie that I watched from the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2007. I was attracted to the fact that the movie was filmed in Bali – the story is about Tina (Zoë Felix) who lost her husband to a car accident. Her brothers were so concerned that they advised her to go on a holiday to Bali, upon the advise of Franck, a friend of Tina’s older brother. Franck ended up falling in love with Tina and flew all the way to Bali so he could convince her to overcome her sadness and learn to love again.

The scenery in the movie is beautiful – and it is interesting to hear the Indonesian dialogues here and there, and it made me feel smug for a while as the Indonesian dialogues were not subtitled for the French speakers nor for the English speakers … hehehe. I also got to hear Anang and Krisdayanti songs, as they were made integral to the storyline. However, the movie fails to infuse the story into the beautiful landscape and vice versa – the paddy-fields, beaches, mountains, forests are merely mute background. The movie feels like a tourism clip from time to time, and even though the story is interesting, the direction fails to make me feel as if I were part of the scenes. You know how some movies show certain landscapes and you would feel the joy / melancholy / sadness / anger that is currently portrayed in the movie. Unfortunately the movie doesn’t have that quality …

I did feel a bit reminiscent after watching the movie though- the actress, Zoë Felix, reminded me a lot of Petra, the only girl who I have ever cried for. I met Petra in 1995, when I lived in the International Student Residence at Hampstead Centre, Northfield. She and Ben were exchange students from Maastricht, the Netherlands … Zoë’s short hairstyle, mannerism,  and sensuality in the movie all reminded me of Petra *sigh*.

I’ll probably write about my experience here one day – or more like non-experience really. It’s the story of my life – bottled-up feelings that are always expressed too late …

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