Monday, how challenging thou art


If I can squeeze the hours I spend working today, unfortunately the ‘juice’ that will come out will only be very little compared to the effort and time that I dedicate to the work. I did some work at home, sourcing the list of UK television programmes for one of the projects that I’m doing. Unfortunately, thanks to my increasingly erratic broadband connection, I would only be connected for ten minutes and then off again for five. I had to keep vigilant and noticed when the connection was up and quickly re-established link to the UK and get my data.

So I thought rather than wasting time at home, relying on my unreliable broadband (grrrr, TPG!!! 😡 ), I should head to work and do my work there. The internet has not been behaving well for the past couple of days, even after I ‘recycled’ the system (i.e. turning off the modem and my computer and then starting them in sequence). I’m not a happy chappie at the moment! Unfortunately the UK site has not been that reliable either – one minute I’m connected, and then the connection drops out. When I reconnect, the system complains that my user ID is already logged on using a different terminal. Argh! 😡 I had to wait until ‘I’ was automatically logged off due to inactivity before I can log on again. Because of the challenges today, I’ve only accomplished a portion of the tasks that I wanted to do today.

After labouring for hours trying to get a connection to the UK site, I’ve given up now. I’m getting more and more frustrated and it’s not really productive so I think I’ll head home instead. I hope I can do some more work tonight at home as I have a list of other things to accomplish and do tomorrow. Let’s just hope that Tuesday’s a bit kinder! 🙂

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