Mr Chairman, bring me a dream


Before  you protest the title, I know that it’s Mr Sandman in the song! 🙂

I’ve just returned from the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Market and Social Research Society – SA Division where I’ve been elected the Chairman. It feels quite peculiar to be at the top even if it is a small division here in South Australia. I take this challenge quite excitedly as I will be working with a multinational team. As mentioned in my previous post, the Deputy Chairman is Turkish, the Secretary / Treasurer is Dutch, another committee member is Sri Lankan and another potential member of the committee is Peruvian. They are all great people who I get along with very well. How fantastic is that? 🙂

I hope that the team change will rejuvenate the SA Division and can bring new members to the organisation. It’s going to be a busy two-year ahead of me with my study, research and projects, as well as this. I like challenges though so I’m not complaining at all. It feels rather awkward being at the top – I’ve always felt more comfortable being the #2 person: the dependable informant and confidant to the chairman. I remember one of the results of a  psycho test when I was in Highschool or perhaps at the early stage of my career. The test reveals that I’m more suitable being a middle-manager than to be at the top – perhaps it’s due to my cautious, conservative nature. Well, it’s nice to stretch myself and prove the test wrong. 😎

There were times in the past when I passed the chances to be the coordinator or the leader and gave the opportunity away to another person. It was nearly the case with AMSRS as well – I had been asked in the past whether I would consider being nominated as the Chairperson because they felt that I would bring a new perspective to the position. I declined because I was too busy and because I didn’t feel comfortable with the tag. Now that I am stepping out of the commercial circle (for now), I thought I’d give it my best shot along with the contributions of the other committee members. I think my experience in the corporate world, commercial research and now academic research will equip me to do this position well (and a lot of wisdom that I will need from God!) 🙂

So if you are in the market research industry or even an analyst in your organisation and you are in Adelaide, Australia, join the Australian Market and Social Research Society and let’s work, grow and socialise together! For students, it will be a great chance to meet seasoned market and social researchers in the market as well. 🙂

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