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I’ve been meaning to post about my new Vibram FiveFingers for a while now but can only find the time to do it now. I came across the product in Facebook, when one of my friends was tagged for the product advertisement. The shape of the ‘shoes’ intrigued me so I did my own research by visiting the website. Although the FiveFingers are mostly for serious runners or climbers or other sporty activities, I became curious and interested in getting a pair as I do walk around a lot in the city.

So I took the plunge some weeks ago and ordered one from eBay – I made sure that the seller was bonafide and that the product wasn’t counterfeit. There are a lot of fakes out there and Vibram wannabes (including a brand that’s based out of Malaysia). Apparently one of the rules for Vibram sellers is that they have to have a brick-and-mortar presence as well as an online shop. So because I got them off eBay, I also did a little bit of snooping of the seller and thankfully found out that the seller had a physical location as well somewhere in Colorado, the United States. I decided to get FiveFingers KSO (Keep Stuff Out) as they look pretty respectable for daily wear and they don’t like ballerina shoes too much. 🙂 As soon as they arrived at my house, I tried them on (which took a wee bit longer as they fit snuggly around my feet!) and modelled them in front of Yani. She didn’t say much … hahaha. 🙂

I wore them during the weekend and have been wearing them to uni from time to time. One of my colleagues made fun of them but people have generally been intrigued or curious. They asked me whether my Vibrams felt comfortable and whether I felt as if I had been walking barefoot. When I wriggled my toes, it usually elicited chuckles and further questions about where they could get them. 🙂

Now with the review: my FiveFingers KSO do feel comfortable when I walk around town, I do feel as if I were walking barefoot – I can feel different textures of the ground, although my feet are well-protected. It’s a great sensation as well when I walk on the grass or sand as I can really feel the ‘earth’. They also give my sole a good workout and teach me to walk better – proponents for barefoot running and walking assert that padded shoes prevent the anatomy of the body to take control of the impact of each step when our feet hit the ground. They make us run and walk using heel-strike, which actually give our body greater shock when we hit the ground. I’m by no means an athlete nor an expert in anatomy, but I do enjoy the freedom that my Vibrams give me when I walk around wearing them. The only criticism is that they do take longer time to get into as they really fit in snuggly – after a while, you learn how to wear them quicker. Some people have also comment on the odour that emanates from the Vibrams after non-stop wearing. This is also because you typically don’t wear socks when you’re wearing your Vibrams (although you can wear the socks with individual toes). The good thing is that you can pop them in your washing machine using gentle cycle along with your other clothes and wash them clean! 🙂

So would I recommend them to you? For sure – they’re comfortable, supposedly good for your body and they look much better than Crocs! 🙂 Freedom!

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