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The past two weeks have been really hectic for me – at least it seems to ease down a bit this week. I had to resubmit my proposal by Friday last week, and on top of that there are also a couple of projects that I am involved in. They all require my undivided attention and I don’t like having any of the projects slipping through my fingers. Thank God all the years in the corporate world have taught me to just focus and to keep on walking – one day at a time. After I submitted my proposal on Friday, I thought that would be it – I just needed to wait for the outcome. Alas, it was not meant to be. Fifteen minutes after I sent it, I received an email from the Research Coordinator who advised me that I should also send a document highlighting the sections and pages that have been changed to incorporate the advised changes. I stayed back to complete the document and didn’t join my colleagues for a drink as I really didn’t want to have this hanging over me for the whole weekend. The two weeks did leave me sapped and mentally tired though! Thank God for relaxing and rejuvenating weekend!

Well, I got the notification today that they had passed my proposal, so now I have about 1.5 years to finish my research and have my Masters degree. At times I wondered why I had to take the harder route when so many people seem to be allowed to take the smoother path. I’m not a spring chicken anymore and I know as well when an attack of self-pity is coming so before self-pity took hold of me, I grabbed its neck and looked at it in the eye. 🙂  My proposal resubmission has taught me valuable reminders in resilience and lessons in academic research and its process. God has used it as a learning tool for me to be on guard and not to be complacent. There are other projects that I am involved in at the university that are going well – and it will be so easy for me to feel complacent. It’s a nice reminder to be humble, to stay focused and to be tough – there are other battles to fight along the way.

So while it has eased down a bit, I still have a fairly busy week this week – three tutorial classes to teach, three seminars to attend and one important Annual General Meeting to go to on Wednesday. I have been nominated as the Chairperson of the South Australia Division of the Australian Market and Social Research Society. Other people tried in the past and I politely refused because I was very busy with my work. Although I don’t think I’m less busy now being in academic circle, I seem to think that I can also handle it, so I’ve agreed to the challenge. I look forward to it actually – the other two personnel who will work closely with me are as excited and pumped for the challenges ahead. If we are elected unopposed, it will be a committee with an international flavour for South Australia: an Indonesian-Australian Chairperson, a Turkish Vice Chairperson and a Dutch Treasurer. Very exciting, I’d say! 🙂

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