Come to Papa, iPhone!


I’ve been awake since about 5.10am – I got up extra early so I could head over to the Optus store in Rundle Mall and join the rest of the iPhone tragics. The last time I did this was two years ago, when iPhone 3G was released. I enjoyed the camaraderie with other queuers so I thought rather than waiting for a couple of weeks or ordering it online, I would sacrifice a little bit of sleep. It wasn’t a bitterly cold morning, thankfully!

I took the 6.15am bus from South Road and stopped at King William Street across the Mall – I saw three people queuing at the store near the Beehive Corner, but I walked on as I wanted to queue in front of the main store near the Pulteney Street end. By then, there was a wee bit of rain that came down – but it stopped as soon as I passed Gawler Place. There were a group of people in front of the Vodafone store and near the 3 store also. I recognised a colleague from the University queuing there as well.

I was rather surprised to see some unlit gas heaters outside of the store and that there were only about six people waiting outside. Looking at some empty water bottles outside, I had a sinking feeling that the store had been opened since midnight last night and that I might be too late. Some customers were already attended to inside the store as well. I waited for about half an hour before I was processed – I was informed that the store was indeed opened at midnight last night and that all of the 32GB iPhone 4 had been sold out so early in the night. 🙁 I wanted to get a 32GB iPhone 4 because I thought it would give me ample storage for my music and apps. I decided to queue on as I thought I had never filled up my 16GB  iPhone 3G anyway – I can always take out the songs that I don’t listen anymore.

When it was time for me to be processed, unfortunately the staff couldn’t pass my details through the system because I had an outstanding bill. Argh. The website was down so she couldn’t process the payment and the customer service was still closed, so I couldn’t do any payment over the phone either. At the end, I managed to pay my outstanding bill through the front counter and get me signed up for another 24-month contract! So yeah, I’m a happy owner of a new iPhone 4! Happy indeed! More reports are out that say that the death-grip issue with the antenna is highly exaggerated and over publicised. The store gave me the bumper band anyway, just in case and I have got myself a clear iPhone case just to protect it against scratches and smudges. Unfortunately I can’t use it as yet, as I need to fully charge the battery and stick in my micro-SIM which I’m still waiting.

Nevertheless, I’m a happy chappy!!! Woohooo!! 😎 😀

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  1. Hello Arry,
    I “stumbled” upon your blog and ended up reading up and browsing around for the past hour or so. The stories you have written about your family history, your travels, your brother’s death, your current work … have led me to conclude that you are a person with a kind and honest and humble heart… so here I have decided to leave a comment, just to be polite and to let you know I was here.

    I enjoyed my time here. If you have a bit of time, you are most welcome to visit my blog place.


  2. Lidia,

    Thank you for the kind words and your visit to my blog. I visited yours too and enjoyed my time there. 🙂 We can strengthen each other as we continue with our race, eh? 🙂

    God bless,

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