5:55, Wednesday

The royal blue sky outside has turned darker by the second now that the sun is facing a different part of the globe and I’m still at the office, spending time before I meet my friends for the Wednesday prayer meeting over in the Rowland Rees building. It’s been quite a productive day today with more paragraphs written and more data analysed. I’m also getting ready with my preparation to tutor three classes starting next week. I am quite looking forward to it actually as I do enjoy teaching – well, imparting knowledge and insights. Hehe. Yani often commented that I would make quite a strict tutor or lecturer, and I would have to agree with her assessment. 🙂 I think I would be a tough but fair tutor – if the students have done their work and at least show their effort, I would do all I can within the permitted boundaries, to help them succeed. The slackers will have to watch it though. Haha. On a more serious note, I believe it is part of my responsibility as well to make the material interesting and engaging for the students. So starting from next week, I will have to stay at the uni until 7.00pm on Tuesday as I have a class at 6pm. Then I also have two classes on Wednesday, one at 11am and the other one at 4pm. Let the fun begin! Let’s see if I still consider it fun by the end of the study period! Hehehe.

Being in an academic environment also means that I should really manage my time and motivation well – in a business environment, there are more milestones to achieve and the pace is more frenetic. This doesn’t mean that academic life is sluggish – I just need to ensure that I don’t spend the majority of my excitement and energy in the first six months only to lose steam later on when I need to conclude my research. Pacing myself and moderating my energy is something that I am learning to master these days. I have learned a great deal about academic research and thinking about things more critically. It is certainly quite a different terrain to what I was used to in the past!

On a different front, I am looking forward to the weekend – I will have my driving lesson tomorrow at 3.30pm and then on Friday, I plan to get up early in the morning and join the crazy Apple fanatics and queue for the iPhone release. I find it quite interesting that I do find reasons to justify my actions to get the iPhone. Even when I control myself not to be defensive or try to appear rationally, I find myself making statements such as “Yes, there may be an issue with the antenna, but I use the phone mostly for texting and the applications anyway.” “I don’t care too much for the antenna issue as I plan to get a cover anyway” *grin*. Self-justification indeed! 🙂

As for my driving, I think I’m getting to the end of my lessons in another three to four weeks. All of the manoeuvres have been covered and ticked – even difficult tasks such as parallel parking! I just need to convince Harry, my driving instructor, that I have mastered all of them – the perennial issue with my driving, from the first lesson onwards, is my inability to gracefully work the steering wheel with my two hands. I am taught to drive with both hands on the steering wheel, working in unison – push and pull, Harry would like to say. The issue with me is that when my cautious self takes over, when one hand tries to push or pull, the other one moderates my action by holding the steering wheel tightly – almost as a safety mechanism so I don’t go overboard. 😛 I also need to make faster decisions and look far ahead on the road – it’s kinda hard to teach an old dog new tricks! Hahaha.

So in a month time, I will be looking for a car to drive – woohoo indeed! My first car at my age! *grin*

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