Šaltibarščiai and Pinot Noir

I had another lousy day at work – as much as I tried to be positive, by the time I went to the office and faced with the issues at work and with the uncertainty, my frequency of sighs had increased by tenfolds … I don’t think I will elaborate here, but perhaps sometimes in the future I will write what I am facing currently.

So, to cheer myself up, I thought I would make ‘Šaltibarščiai‘ – the Cold Beetroot Soup that I enjoyed in Vilnius, Lithuania as well as in Riga, Latvia. A friend from Estonia mentioned that it is basically based on Russian borsch called ‘Okroshka’. I found the recipe online and it was pretty accurate even though I like it a little bit more sour and acidic … Thanks to the beetroot, it looks as if I had butchered an animal in the kitchen though, there’s a reddish tinge on my palms and there are also some crimson drops everywhere on the benchtops … hehehe.

SaltibarsciaiI had two bowlfuls of Šaltibarščiai and I also thought maybe it was high time that I opened my ‘Penfolds’ 2001 Cellar Reserve Pinot Noir‘. I was saving it for special occasion, but I needed a pick-me-up and I thought that this time would be as good as any. The wine was meant to be drunk in 2005-2006, when it reached its peak. I thought that it would be past its prime now but boy when I drank it, it was nice and smooth … The bouquet is smooth and sweet – it has lost some of the mysterious mossy, forresty taste that attracted me to purchase it in 2003 but in its place, there’s that smooth caramelly wine. Maybe my Pinot Noir is past its prime, but there’s a sense of mellowness in it – a wine that has past its peak and is in the middle of its declining journey. I love it!

So this evening, I am feeling pretty happy and relaxed – I had nice Šaltibarščiai and a glass of smooth Pinot Noir … after a nice hot shower, I can have a good sleep and face Tuesday with a new sense of contentment.

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