What’s with “It’s raining in Amsterdam”?

Every day I receive plenty of spam comments to my blog entries – however for some strange reasons, the thread titled “It’s raining in Amsterdam” and 1 or 2 others, continue to attract the highest number of spams. Grrrrr!!!! 😡

It’s a slow day at work — the past two weeks after I return from my leave have been very frustrating. I shared with some friends that while I was away, I had already psyched myself up for the change and the activities that I thought would greet me when I returned to the office. I had already accepted the fact that the restructuring at work would probably mean that the first week after my leave would be the last week that I would have with my current boss. I also thought that the project that I facilitated and managed prior to my leave, would be very much alive and well when I returned and that I would be thrown right into it.

Well, when I returned to the office, it was as if everything went on a vacuum while I was gone — a couple of resignations, but the project didn’t move an inch (got a couple of disappointed and annoyed research agencies who didn’t hear anything while I was gone, and I had specifically told my colleagues what to communicate! Grrrrr!), and the move actually had not been initiated. So all of those pent-up energy and psyching left me really annoyed and disappointed. That feeling is still with me even after two weeks back at work …

*sigh* Ah well, I guess I’ll just see what happens … I’m still paid, the weather’s good, I’m healthy, and I was contacted by a headhunter … I should count my blessings.

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