The unfillable void


I watched Eli Stone on TV again tonight – season 2 episodes are re-run in Channel 7TWO. I used to watch the series regularly when it was aired a couple of years ago. Tonight’s episode, which I have seen before, is the first episode of the second season, titled “The Path”. It’s one of my personal favourites from the series.

In the episode, Eli Stone, the lawyer who were ‘plagued’ by visions and messages, is starting his life afresh after the brain aneurysm which causes him to have the visions is removed. However, he misses them – the strange visions, the messages from Heaven. He learns about faith and God – at the end, he asks the ‘angel’ (who comes in a form of a therapist who coaches Eli after the aneurysm operation) to give him back his aneurysm. The therapist is meant to certify that Eli is now fit to practice law again and signs the notification. This is where these lines come in, spoken by the ‘angel’:

“That slip of paper isn’t going to fill the void you’re feeling in your life, Eli. Practicing law won’t do it either. You’re missing something, it’s true. It’s nothing that a law licence can give you.”

“I think you’re missing having a sense of the divine in your everyday life. I think you’re less happy now than when your life was occasionally up-ended by the fantastic. I think that Grace fulfilled you in a way you didn’t even know you needed and the only thing crazy about you is the fact that you don’t seem to realise that.”

I watched this episode when I was still working in the bank here in Adelaide – getting mentally weary and disillusioned with work. I remember being in tears after watching some of the scenes in the episode . You may think that it’s weird or just plain pathetic – the story seems weird when I relate it here. You just need to see it – it’s just a pity that the series was cancelled only after the second season. I suppose talking about faith and God is considered less commercial and interesting than violence or drugs.

I am in a different stage in my life now then where I was two years ago – being a full-time student again and a married man now. I deal with data, facts and science on a daily basis and do not get to discuss about faith or belief system at the university. I have to remember that my degree or whatever pieces of paper that life will provide will not be able to fill the void in my life. I just need to continue holding on to God. The concept of grace has been strongly resonating in my life in the past couple of weeks. When you think you have understood it and the depth of God’s love and grace, He shows a different dimension of it and wows you again.

God’s Grace is amazing.

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