Pop goes the button!


My body’s probably trying to tell me something about my expanding waistline (ahh, the joy of getting old!). I went to the loo today at the university (stay with me, I know – this is way too much information!) and after I finished the numero uno, I heard a quick “Kerplunk!”. My first reaction was horror because I thought somehow I had dropped my wedding ring down the toilet bowl! 😮 Then I realised that the the button from my trousers had magically jumped into the toilet bowl. I couldn’t do anything about it, so I just flushed it down and set it free to face the big wide world! Thankfully, my belt kept everything in their place so I could face the rest of the day without any major embarassment. As for my wedding ring, it’s firmly fastened around my ring finger – thank God for chubby fingers! (They do provide a source of amusement to my friends at church – they think that my fingers are “cute”).

Apart from losing my button, today has been a busy and tiring day – I started the day by attending the Institute planning day. We had interesting discussions that continued until around midday when we had our lunch together at Marcellina’s across the road. I had my dinner there yesterday as well with the folks from church so lots of pizzas have been consumed in the last two days! (which may explain the magic jumping button!). I spent the rest of the afternoon mostly working on the pilot data for my proposal and thesis  – data cleaning and coding is so much fun. (NOT). I fully realise the importance of clean data though, because if improper coding and dirty data may render my analysis useless. I have also been doing data cleaning and coding at home, because there are two lists containing around 40,000 lines of data that need to be properly coded and checked. Thank goodness I know my way around Excel very well, so I know the shortcuts to make my tasks a wee bit faster.

Back to the afternoon at the university, I left at about 4.45pm as I needed to head back to my old office, to properly hand in my letter of resignation and close the chapter. For the past four months, I have been working on casual basis there, providing support to my old team by being onsite for one hour per week on average, as well as working at most around seven hours per week. I am only allowed to work eight hours per week maximum as a condition of my scholarship. I have also deliberately not participated in any contract research at the university to avoid any possible conflict of interest. Now that I have properly resigned, I can do some contract research in my new capacity if the opportunity arises. My thesis and proposal will still be my focus though! 🙂

Dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia)

I left the my old office at about 6.30pm after spending some time with my former team members and saying goodbye to my old boss. No farewell party since I practically “left” in February when I finished my full-time employment. Saying goodbye and moving on is always a bittersweet experience. :sigh: Rather than going home directly, I made a detour to the aquarium shop in Anzac Highway to replenish my fish food and to buy one dwarf gourami to join my aquarium. I love fish with characters! I hope he won’t allow the kribensis to bully him around!

That’s it for today – it’s been a very busy, productive day and I am totally bushed! :zzz:

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