It’s yesterday once more


While scanning through all the status updates in Facebook, one of my highschool friends posted a snippet of a song that I recognised. Even though he translated the lyric into English, I knew which song that was. It transported me back to the years when I was in middle school … after that, I continued my nostalgic journey by listening to more old Indonesian songs from my teenage years. They made me realise that time had moved on – I am no longer the boy that I was. Here I am, two+ years shy of my fortieth birthday, a far cry from the days when I wore school uniform, and being worried whether I would make it to school on time at 6.40am.



It’s times like these that make you stop and think about your life – the things that you have done and the journey that you have walked so far. Only yesterday I made a mental inventory of my achievement so far. Some of my old friends from Citibank days are now part of the banking sector elites in Indonesia and some parts of the world. As my thoughts were led to compare their journeys and mine, I stopped myself and asked myself whether I considered my life as fulfilling. Tick. Whether I was happy. Tick. Whether I had whatever was needed thus far. Tick. It made me thankful of my life again – the next chapter in my life has only just begun. I’m back at uni, exploring data and information as well as being mentally ‘alive’ again. I am also enjoying my life as a married man – and even though Yani and I are still adjusting to one another, all in all, it has been a really good adventure.

No doubt, there will be some moments in the future when I reminisce over the day like today – sitting in an empty office that I share with fellow postgraduate students on a Friday afternoon. They have finished off earlier, taking advantage of the beautiful warm autumn afternoon. The sunlight is streaming through the window as I wait for my data processing to finish. I will probably have a quick stroll in the city and grab a Cibocino while soaking in the Adelaide ambience. Later on, it will be the youth cellgroup (I may be getting old, but I’ve been told that I still look eleven years younger!) and then dinner with some of them over in Chinatown. Tomorrow, I will have my driving lesson, and then a quick journey up to Hills again with the Indonesian youth, before heading back to the plains.

Life is good.

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