Just call me Marlene


I thought a good sleep would get rid of my swollen eyelid – alas, I still got up with one, complete with a reddish hue on it.  So unfortunately I still look like Marlene Dietrich or Buddha with my droopy eyelid. I suppose other people won’t notice it unless I point it out to them but I have felt so self-conscious today when I was in the bus and as I walked across Rundle Mall.

I did visit the doctor in the morning – I finally have a record at the local medical centre. Yay. Ever since I migrated to Adelaide in 2003, I have never established a relationship with any GP or medical centre. I waited for a while before the doctor saw me and said that it was probably a case of bacterial infection at my oil or sweat gland inside my eyelid. He prescribed 20 Keflex (cephalexin) 50mg antibiotic capsules to be taken three times a day until I finish them all. The pharmacist in town offered whether I wanted a cheaper one with the same strength and composition, so I said yes – she gave me some Ibilex which is practically the same as Keflex (thank goodness for Google!). While at the medical centre, the nurse also measured my weight, height and blood pressure – the usual stuff. I made some small talk saying that I knew I was overweight. She agreed with my remark, saying that based on her chart from Weight Watcher, I had to lose something like 15kg! However, she said that I didn’t look overweight at all and that I would probably look like a stick insect if I lost 15kg. Bless her starched uniform! 🙂

I was a bit apprehensive as well when she measured my blood pressure as I thought it would be high. Coming from a family with a history of diabetes, stroke and blood pressure surely gave me the real reason to be worried. I was a bit surprised and relieved when she said that my blood pressure was normal. It must’ve been the walk from home to the medical centre! 🙂 Hallelujah!

So … so far I have taken three Ibilex capsules. I hope I could get rid of the swollen eyelid tomorrow as I don’t want to look sultry or sleepy when I attend a major presentation by the institute’s director tomorrow evening!

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