I’m not being sultry, my eyelid is swollen

I got up yesterday with an itchy right eyelid and unfortunately I couldn’t shake it off. Thank God that it wasn’t that bad yesterday so I could lead worship at church without looking odd. When I finished church, my right eye was pretty itchy and I had to fight my instinct to rub my eye as I know it would inflame it even further. So from time to time, all I could do was to close my right eye tightly and exert some pressure on the eyelid. I don’t think I ate anything that would trigger an allergic reaction yesterday so I’m baffled at what caused my right eyelid to swell.

I thought it had recovered last night but I got up, the swelling was even more pronounced and my right eye was so itchy. I thought it might be conjunctivitis but my eyeball is clear – so to be sure when I reached the uni this morning, I then had a walk to a chemist’s in Rundle Mall. They couldn’t give me anything other than advising me to take an antihistamine, which I had taken last night anyway. On the way back to the uni, I stopped at the second chemist’s, just to be sure. The chemist told me just to give my right eye some warm compress – he said that it might be a sty (some kind of pimple on the eyelid) and that the warm compress would help to hasten the healing process.

So I’m now back at the office – if my eyelid is bugging me too much, I may just head home to rest it and give it some warm compress. Funny how just a small thing can affect you so badly! If it persists tomorrow, I may even schedule a visit to the GP, just to be sure! I feel like rubbing my eye now and ease the itchiness and discomfort. So just to be safe, I’m keeping to myself today in case it may turn out to be conjunctivitis all along.

So no, I’m not being sultry if I wink at you, it’s just me trying to ease my swollen eyelid.

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