Happiness is: Great time with friends


For the second time this year, I went up to the Adelaide Hills with my friends from the Indonesian Church. This time there were eight of us: Yani and I, Sigit, Mary, Leoni, Disa, Ema and Rhany. I had wanted to go up to the Hills again to see the autumn colours, but time was simply a great limiting factor. I had singing practice this morning and by the time I finished singing practice and joined our Saturday prayer meeting, I thought we wouldn’t have enough time to explore the Hills. At the end, we persisted – we walked all the way from the pastor’s house in St Georges to the bus stop on Glen Osmond Road to catch the bus to Adelaide Hills at about 4.30pm.

Crafers Inn - Crafers, SA

Rather than going to Stirling like what we usually do, we stopped at Crafers. Some of the girls sneaked some photo shots with the crimson leaves of the oak trees, taking advantage of the remaining sunlights. 🙂 Initially we wanted to go to Jimmies on the Summit, however because we wanted to try something different, so we went to Crafers Inn instead. I remember the Inn from a South Australian movie that I watched many years ago: Peaches with Hugo Weaving – I thought it would be good if we give it a go as well.

We ended up having a blast – the service was great and friendly, the waiter who served us initially was very friendly and joked around with us. The ambience was great – we weren’t made to feel like we were “aliens” (let’s face it – Asians don’t really go to pubs for meals). Everybody was very friendly. We all commented on the ample portion of the meals when they came out. I chose beef schnitzel with parmigiana sauce, or what the locals here would call ‘beef parmy’. The schnitzel was alright but the potato chips were excellent and crunchy. The rest of the group also enjoyed their meal and we ended up doing a little bit of tasting of the other dishes. After mains, we had a lot of chat about cultural differences in Indonesia and how the culture in North Sulawesi, West Timor and the Moluccas are so influenced by the Dutch. We shared stories about our childhood and enjoyed a lot of laughter as well. It was really a great evening. It confirmed something that I believe in, that happiness also comes out from simple things in life.

To top it off, we also ordered dessert, that we also shared, Sigit and Mary decided to share some chocolate platters (that they also shared with the group), Disa and Yani ordered some tiramisu, while I ordered some bread and butter pudding (I love bread and butter pudding! Especially when the weather is cold!). We tasted each other dessert and had more laughter and conversation in the process. 🙂

We took the 7.50pm bus back to Adelaide, to have our rest and get ourselves ready for Sunday. Thank you folks, I had a great time today!

Happiness can definitely be gained through great times with your friends! Go and have a laughter or two with some friends today! 🙂

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