Satuday Sniffles

It’s half an hour to midnight, on a cool Saturday night here in Adelaide – Joni Mitchell is singing “A Case of You” on my iTunes … I still love that song because of its mellow and sombre tone: sad but not sorrowful, if you know what I mean.

I had a good day today – very productive. I got up a bit late and then went to my singing practice for church tomorrow – Darius and Ade picked me up. We made a quick detour to Maccas, because Ade wanted a McMuffin for breakfast but we were 10 minutes late for the breakfast menu so we ended up ordering Deli rolls and nuggets. After practice and a quick trip to Ascot Park Uniting Church to store the musical instruments for the service, the Pastor and I also went to Bonython Park to see a group of Indonesians who were having their barbeque over there.

I went home at about 5’ish, read today’s paper, watched the evening news and then fell asleep on the sofa – I felt quite weary so I went to bed and decided to take an evening nap. I guess my body’s telling me something because I’m a bit sniffly now. I was battling an onset of cold earlier during the week and I suppose it’s trying to make a comeback. I’m sucking on the Blackmores’ echinacea lozenge again though so hopefully it can help my body to get rid of it, once and for all!

I also bid for two more Taiwanese Green Maples for my backyard and frontyard from eBay – unfortunately when I returned home, I found that the heatwave while I was away had fried and burnt the tree that was doing so well beforehand. The tree bark that was green, is now brownish – complete with the crispy leaves. 🙁 The Japanese Maple was barely surviving as well but I’ve been putting a lot more water there and I think it’s doing much better now. Other than the dead Taiwanese Green Maple and the crispy Amur Maple in front of the house, the other trees are doing better now – I just need to give them much more TLC. Autumn is here though, so at least the cooler weather and the rain would provide the plants a time to rest as well. 🙂 I haven’t done a lot of weeding this year, so I may do some gardening and grass-pulling tomorrow after church. The indoor plants were also alive when I went home so I’m pretty happy about it.

It’s been a week since I returned from my trip in Indonesia – I thought I would be motivated to write an epilogue of my trip but I just haven’t found the drive to do so. I did tell my colleagues at work that I felt that the trip this time was very much of a soul-searching journey and they said that they could detect it from the entries that I posted during the trip. The trip did make me re-examine my priorities for my future and how I should align them to the expectations of my parents and friends. It’s not that I sacrifice my own needs and wants to those of my family, but it’s because I’m also thinking ahead of my future. We’ll see what happens … watch this space. 🙂

Well, it’s nearly midnight now so maybe I should head off to bed – I’m going to brush my teeth and sleep, that is if I’m not tempted to watch some telly beforehand. Haha. I’ll write more next time …

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