Say good night, Monday


Equipped with a warm cup of lapsang souchong and Sade’s Soldier of Love to lift my mood, I face Monday evening while the sky opens up to wash the ground. I’ve been feeling out of kilter again today – I’m not sure whether it’s because of the daytrip to Sydney on Saturday or due to the fact that it’s Monday. Today is a good day though, the frantic walk and the mad dash across Grove Avenue to catch the 168 paid off as I made it to the morning meeting on time. The rest of the day was spent working, with a lunch around midday with my colleague Neil.

I mentioned earlier that I went to Sydney during the weekend – Yani and I caught the earliest flight to Sydney at 6.00am which meant that we had to get up at 4.00am. We returned with the last flight out of Sydney to Adelaide at 6.25pm. From experience I knew that it would knock me for the next couple of days as my body adjusted to blip in my internal clock. My pastor at church requested me to come along to the meeting in Sydney to meet the chairman of Gereja Bethel Indonesia (Bethel Indonesian Church) along with some other important personnel who descended upon Sydney from Indonesia. The meeting started at 9.00am and we left before it was finished so we could make it on our flight. The sessions were good as the speakers informed us about the regulations and the plans of the church in the near future. Akin to a gathering of Indonesian bureaucrats, there were also protocols to follow. My pastor’s wife quietly asked me to move from the second row as the first two rows were “reserved” for the important people. 🙂

Being in Sydney also meant that I could have some Indonesian food as Sydney has some great Indonesian restaurants. We were led to a restaurant around Haymarket called Shalom, owned by a Chinese-Timorese with menu such as Siomay Bandung (Bandung dimsum with peanut sauce) and Sate Ayam (Chicken satay). I was transported back ‘home’ even if it was only for an hour. 🙂 I had Siomay Bandung and some Empal Penyet (Aromatic beef on chilli sauce) with some rice. It was bliss …. Nothing beats the food from your own culture or country! 🙂

We also made a quick detour after the meeting to stop by Paddy’s Market. It was Yani’s first trip to Sydney – unfortunately we didn’t have time to do any touristy stuff. I will need to bring her again and do some sightseeing with me. She commented that she felt as if she were in Singapore or somewhere in Asia due to the proliferation of Asians in Chinatown. She said that it made her wanting to return to Adelaide in the midst of the locals again. Hehehe. 😀

Because of the trip to Sydney, Yani and I ended up getting up at 11.00am on Sunday *grin* – we were just too tired to get up earlier! After church, a group of us went over to North Adelaide for dinner. We had AB (I shouldn’t tell you what it stands for as it is disgusting) – AB does taste really good though even though it doesn’t look nice; it’s one of Adelaide’s specialties 🙂 It’s basically shredded lamb or chicken, with some chips and sauce on top.

I went home afterward and as usual in the last couple of days, I fell asleep on the sofa in the spare bedroom and I only got up after Yani finished her shower. We’re certainly getting into some kind of routine: when Yani is busy watching TV or chatting or refreshing her MYOB skills and I’m feeling a bit tired, I would go to the spare bedroom and lie down on the sofa there to doze off. She would wake me up when she’s ready to sleep or if I’m awakened when she finishes her shower. There’s a certain comfort in domestic rituals. 🙂

This week will be quite a busy one with an early web conference meeting tomorrow, driving lesson on Wednesday, and a seminar on Thursday. I will also need to head over to my old office – three more trips and then that will be it. I will leave the company at peace, having pretty much trained my old team members to do the activities well.

Well, my tea is long gone and while Sade is still singing, there are only two more songs before silence takes over.

It’s time to usher Monday off the stage and have my rest.

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