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I registered a new domain on Monday, seven years after I registered In its current form, jacatra contains my personal blog – J/BLØG – which you are currently reading. At times, I am tempted to write about business or marketing or any serious piece of writing that doesn’t seem to fit in J/BLØG. Well, the time has come – I have finally registered a new domain called: As with jacatra, you’re probably scratching your head and ask, “80th … wha’?” 🙂

The ’80’ bit is a play of my initials (sans the middle names) – AT – if you spell it out, it’ll sound like a number. Now you know. 🙂

From time to time I will cross-post between J/BLØG and View from the 80th Floor – you will find the new site a bit more serious and business-like. I will share more about my opinions on the state of the market and anything that I feel I should share about analytics, research, marketing or information that is worth sharing with likeminded professionals. As you can see, those articles may be out of place in J/BLØG.

The new site is still under construction and is looking a bit sparse at the moment. From time to time, you will notice little changes that will finally create the desired look-and-feel. I hope you will visit my new website and provide your comments or even contributions there also. It seems that after I enter academia, I want to write a lot more again. 🙂 (hopefully you think that it’s a good idea as well … hahahaha)

So, welcome to the View from the 80th Floor!

PS: It feels like having a new child to take care of! 🙂

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I've finally relented to the lures of blogging - and for those who care, well, I'm a self-confessed geek who's a wanderer at heart, who thinks and analyses too much, and who's trying hard to hold on to his 7-year old inner persona.

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