Just an ordinary day


Six minutes to midnight and I’m about to call it a day – take a shower and head to bed. It’s getting colder as we move closer to winter – it’s scary to think that we are nearly half way in 2010. I’ve had quite a productive day today even though it was a bit of an off-kilter day – the kind of feeling when you just can’t concentrate hard enough to do the task at hand.

I started the day by having my driving lesson – as I wanted to head straight to uni, I asked Harry whether we could finish our lesson in the city. Because of that, Harry brought me to the city so I could have a taste of driving in busy traffic, through narrow streets and endless roadworks. Now I know why some people don’t like driving through the city because it does need a whole lot of concentration! I arrived at the uni at 11.45am, and then I did some work before I had my lunch with my office-mate, Neil.

The rest of the afternoon was a bit of a blur – the grey day outside made me so lethargic and I couldn’t find the motivation to write. I forced myself to look at the data on the server that I could potentially use for my thesis. At least when I’m ready to do serious work, I will have a clearer understanding of the data that is available already. I left uni at 5.15pm and headed back home after a short stroll through Rundle Mall. As you can see, there’s really nothing really special about today that is worth writing about. 😐

After a good dinner with Yani at home, I washed the dishes (well, I have been slack lately by making Yani cook dinner and wash the dishes afterwards as well … hehe) and then I tinkered around with my blog layout. I don’t have the energy nor the creativity to do a major overhaul, but I thought I could improve some details here and there. I don’t know whether you can notice the difference or not in the comment layout. 🙂

Well, I should stop here. Tomorrow will be quite a busy day for me – I will have my minor review about the progress of my research, as well as my meeting with the supervisor. There is also a seminar in the afternoon to attend, as well as the youth cellgroup to go to in the evening after uni. I will need to head to bed earlier tomorrow, as Yani and I will be flying over to Sydney on Saturday morning for a church conference. The flight will be at 6am, so we will need to get up at 4am! Whoa! 😮

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