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Starting afresh always carries a risk that people around you are unaware of your previous accomplishments and experience. Of course there is an art in sharing those information over time – you don’t want to be branded a know-all snob. On top of that, having a look that is younger beyond my actual age still carries a disadvantage as well. Of course, it is good that I can fit in with the rest of my surrounding and be considered within their age range. 🙂

I was digesting this after some recent experience. I was getting irritated by some patronising tones when some people mistakenly thought that I was a clueless newbie, when in fact, I could actually share some real world experience to some of them. All jest and sarcasm aside, it’s the terrain that I need to traverse now.

Just when I’m spiralling through these thoughts, I read my daily devotional from Michael Youssef – here’s the message for today:

To Be First, We Must Be Last

By Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

Throughout the Bible, we learn how the wisdom of God confounds the wisdom of man. And as we look at some of the teachings of Christ, the principles He taught seem contradictory to conventional knowledge. To be first, we must be last? How much sense does that make, especially today in our ego-driven society?

Biblical principles contain tremendous truth. David personally discovered that brokenness leads to godly wholeness. Brokenness can come to the life of the believer in many ways – disappointment, sorrow, and sin.

Maybe God instructs us to go one way, but we are determined to go another. The result is frustration and brokenness. Sometimes, brokenness comes not because we have done anything wrong, but because God wants to test and strengthen our faith. This was true in David’s life.

He had not sinned against the Lord. Instead, God used the fires of affliction in David’s life to shape and mold him for greater service. The Lord also knew that when future difficulty came or disappointment struck, David would be prepared and his faith would not waver or fail.

Brokenness has a way of revealing our level of faith better than anything else. When it continues over months and even years, we truly must learn where the focus of our faith lies. When we begin to identify the words of David, as he fled from a jealous and enraged King Saul, then we will know that brokenness is accomplishing its greatest work in our lives.

Remember, if God has chosen you to face a time of brokenness, it will be followed by a season of tremendous blessing.

How perfectly timed is that?

I was reminded again that even my experience and accomplishments came from God, and that I should always strive for humility. Even though I am an experienced ‘explorer’, in a new terrain I should follow those who know the environment well. My ego still wants to surface and shout and I should just keep quiet and soak everything in, and use my knowledge and wisdom to process the information.

I had gone through periods of brokenness so that I realised that I had been plagued by pride and selfishness. It’s times like these that remind me that there is still a fair way to go for the process to complete.

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