A fun-filled and friend-enriched weekend!


This has been one of the best weekends – and even though it’s been so activity-packed, I feel somehow rejuvenated mentally. 🙂

It started with a trip down to Brighton beach for a sea baptism for two members of our congregation. It started with a comedy of errors as we tried to arrange the cars that would take the group from St Georges – where the pastor lives – down to Marino beach, where we were meant to have the baptism. Because there were too many of us, we had to make a detour to North Adelaide so we can borrow the pastor’s daughter’s car. Because of the confusion, we lost valuable time – the pastor and I even got lost in Hallett Cove because of the labyrinthine streets there. We decided to shift to Brighton because of the rocky shorelines in Marino. By the time we arrived in Brighton, the sun was about to dip below the horizon. We braved the cold water and did the baptism for Chris and Lina and the water was COLD. It was very memorable though, as the sky, the sea and the environment provided great backdrop for them. I helped the pastor by going into the water as well, and because there was no shower, we had to dry ourselves and change in a smelly loo – in the dark. Urgh. :mrgreen:

By the time we arrived home it was already close to 7pm and I nearly bailed out from a birthday party that I was invited to. A friend of mine – Ulli – from uni invited Yani and I to his 30th birthday barbeque. Since I promised him that I would come, I convinced Yani to come along with me and walked all the way from home to his house near Anzac Highway. We live in the same suburb, so it’s not really that far. 🙂 I ended up having a blast – it was a truly multicultural gathering. I had missed hanging around with people from different nations for a very long time – the last time I did it was probably in Singapore when I joined the expat community over there. Ulli is originally from Germany, and since the group is mostly consisted of multicultural academics: there were Italians, Australians (of course), Pole, Brazilian, Indonesians, Malaysian, Chinese, Venezuelans, Swedes, South African, Austrian, Turkish – do I miss anybody? 🙂 I had great discussions, great laugh and I ended up having a long chat with the Swedes and got a fix of my interest in Scandinavian culture. They teased me for being a ‘genius’ for knowing a lot about cultures, and phrases in various languages – I think it’s mainly because I read a lot and end up banking a lot of information that didn’t mean a lot. Haha.

I love mixing with people from different nationalities – I find it interesting to learn about cultures, languages and the way that different cultures see things differently. The working environment in Adelaide is still generally homogeneous compared to the offices in Sydney, Melbourne, or Singapore. It’s very unlikely that you meet people from different cultures at the office. Of course it’s a different story at the uni as there are so many people from different backgrounds there. Such environment invigorates me. 🙂

To complete a pleasant weekend, I went to the Feast for the Senses today at Elder Park, as part of the Tasting Australia event with some friends from the Indonesian church. We had great time together – eating and laughing too much. 🙂 I’m not sure whether they will still have the event biannually or have it every year now. I think they really should have it as an annual event – it was great just to enjoy the cuisine from different restaurants in Adelaide and then sample the wine from different wineries in South Australia. Food, glorious food! I had some salt and pepper calamari, some Angus beef burger and also some lokumades with chocolate sauce for dessert. Of course, I also tasted some sangiovese before I had to dash off to church.

After church, some of us went to Kwik Stix in North Adelaide for dinner, followed by coffee and more long chats and laughter at Illy. It’s been a great weekend indeed! 😀



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