Three strands of silver hair


I am definitely ageing. [I can hear somebody somewhere saying something to the effect of: pas de merde, Sherlock!] :). As I saw my face in the mirror this morning before I had my shower, I noticed three strands of silver hair, quite prominently situated. I know that other people have mentioned it before that I do have quite a number of grey hair but I couldn’t see them – so it was a case of out of sight and out of mind. I quite like the look of men in their middle-age, showing off their silver sideburns. It looks very distinguished but I suppose I’m not ready to have that look myself! 😮 My thesis supervisors already warned me that the project would give me some grey hair. I suppose it’s time that the “almond trees start to blossom”. 🙂 – Ecclesiastes 12 describes the process of ageing very poetically and in verse 5 it mentions, “Remember [God] before you become fearful of falling and worry about danger in the streets; before your hair turns white like an almond tree in bloom,” (NLT). I suppose the blossom season has started for me!

I still convince myself that I look younger than I really am – well, people say that I look like in my late 20s, or at least early 30s and I would take and relish that comment, before revealing my true age. Hehe.

The weather outside is still very gloomy and it is getting seriously cool in Adelaide – Autumn is here and I’m sure that the leaves in the Hills are even turning a deeper shade of crimson after this week. I’m still quite weary physically, I’m not sure why. Thank God that there is no driving lesson on Saturday so I can get up a little bit later.

It’s time to return to my thesis proposal, I suppose – and lunch in a short while. At least the weekend is just one day away …

Postscript: As I left my office at the uni today, I had a fright as I thought I had accidentally dropped my keys somewhere. I went back to the café where I had my lunch and enquired whether they had seen my keys; I also checked with the security. I went back to my office and had another look. Then it dawned on me that I might have forgotten my keys at home! Sheesh! How silly is that!

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