What is it with Mondays?


Combined with the dull headache and lethargy, Monday seems like a bigger drag than usual. I even had a large skinny late after lunch, complete with a pack of M&M but even they failed to perk me up this afternoon. I think the other students are also struggling with the day – Facebook seems like an outlet of choice when we can’t concentrate with our proposal, thesis or serious work that we need to do. 🙂

I don’t know whether I’m having early onset of a cold or whether it’s just that my mind wants to have a bit of a rest, but I wish I could jump to my bed and hide underneath the doona and sleep. The most logical answer is that my body is probably adjusting to the upcoming autumn and winter and starts to demand more sleep. Haha. Autumn is slowly and steadily descending upon Adelaide – some of the leaves have already changed their colours, and the days are growing shorter. The maple trees lining my street are slowly changing their hue to crimson – quite a pretty sight, really. It’s still relatively warm during the day, even though it is quite cool in the evening.

I’m finishing a wee bit earlier at 4.30pm today as Yani and I have been requested to be a witness at a wedding next month. Apparently there are some papers that need to be signed today, so Yani is already in the city as well. We’re meeting at 4.30pm and our pastor is coming over to the university to pick us up. Later on this evening, Yani and I are heading off to see a preview of Letters to Juliet – I received an invitation for two to see the movie today so I thought it would be a nice evening out for Yani and I. I don’t watch too many Hollywood rom-coms lately – they all seem to be formulaic, corny and so predictable. I used to love them “when I was younger” (Gee, I sound like an old geezer!). One of my favourite movies used to be Sandra Bullock’s While You Were Sleeping! 🙂 I prefer art-house movies or international movies these days. I’ll post my review later on tonight.

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