Arvo at Vivo

The lunch with Belinda and Felix was nice – we had Korean at a restaurant in the Suntec City complex. Felix still looks the same – he has two kids now, whereas Belinda is a bit thinner. Again, we exchanged some stories and had a good chat together – I didn’t finish my meal though because I was still full after such a heavy breakfast.

After lunch, I went to Prudential again to finish the account closure administration and since I had some leisure time, I decided to go all the way to Harbourfront to check out the latest shopping complex called Vivo City. It was HUMONGOUS – you can probably spend the whole day just walking from one end to the other, floor by floor. I wasn’t in the mood to shop (I’m not much of a big shopper anyway), although I went into a couple of stores. Since I had checked my luggages in, I can’t buy any bulky stuff anyway, so instead I went to the bookstore there called PageOne and enquired about the book that I had been looking for called “The Language of God” by Francis S. Collins. It was featured in the Esquire magazine a couple of months ago and it got me intrigued. I tried to find it in Borders and Kinokuniya but they ran out of the copies. I was pretty thrilled when PageOne still has a copy left for me. I had been reading the first 10 pages or so without any difficulty, it’s a very easy book to read even though it tackles the difficult issue about the relationship between science and faith. I’ll write more about the book when I finish it.

Orroighty, I will finish this entry, flag a cab to meet with Bev, Jason and Chocolate (I don’t know her real name just yet) at Bev and Jason’s. We’re going to head over to a local seafood restaurant in Geylang called ‘No Signboard’ for dinner. After that, then I can go straight to the airport – have a shower and relax until I’m due to fly back home … home sweet home … ahhhhh!

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