Being domesticated is …

… spending the $100 voucher that you received for Christmas on a stick mixer, rather than buying a new cologne.

Sunbeam StickMaster Ultra

I received a $100 Myers card for Christmas from my old company and I wanted to use it to buy something tangible, rather than spending it on groceries or perishables. The choices boiled down to either a new iron (my current iron is doing alright, but I would like one with a bit more oomph) or a stick mixer (Now, how’s that for being domesticated!). I settled with the stick mixer: 800W Sunbeam StickMaster Ultra. Whoa. 😎 I have been wanting to try the capsicum soup recipe – and when my friend David made it years ago, he would use a stick mixer to puree the ingredients. Besides, there’s also a gingerbread cake recipe that I want to try as well. I received the recipe from my friend Stephen in Canada via Facebook. Apparently it has been in the family for generations and it was his late mother who wrote it and passed it over to him. The stick mixer should be powerful enough to mix cake batter even though it’s main purpose is for doing some chopping, mixing and light whisking. So I took the plunge and bought it yesterday – the original price was $149, less 15% discount = $126.65 and with the $100 Myers card, I only needed to pay $26.65!

Now I just need to wait for the right mood to either make the soup or try the cake – I will keep you updated. 🙂

Yesterday was also a day of excitement in Adelaide, unfortunately both Yani and I missed it. After our Youth cellgroup meeting, as usual we went to Chinatown for dinner. We took the 11.05pm bus home and walked home from the bus stop. Apparently during that time, around 11.30pm or so, an earthquake hit Adelaide. It was a minor one – “only” 3.8 on the Richter scale but it was enough to generate such an excitement in our mundane life. The epicentre was apparently near Mt Barker in the Adelaide Hills and no damages have been reported. Facebook was abuzz with groups with titles such as “I survived the Adelaide earthquake” or ” The excitement after the earthquake tremor in Adelaide”. Ahh, good old Adelaide! 🙂 We were probably walking home then, or entering our house at that time because I really couldn’t feel any difference. One of my friend even stayed up later in case there were some ‘aftershocks’ and was so disappointed that there weren’t any. 😛 I have experienced earthquakes before when I was in Indonesia and I certainly would know if I’m experiencing one! Now that it’s over, I suppose everybody will return to their idyllic life!

On a different note, I made more progress with my driving lessons – even though I am still yet to master it with some finesse, at least I can be on the road without endangering myself or people around me *laugh*. I still need to fully learn how to do the three-point turn and different slow car maneuvers, as well as being quicker with my decision making while I am on the road. Somehow I ended up with a dull headache though – I’ve taken two Panamax for it; I hope it doesn’t ruin my weekend!

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