On one grey Wednesday

It’s a grey day here in Adelaide – it hasn’t rained at all but the grey silvery clouds make the atmosphere rather oppressive. It’s the kind of environment when you just want to crawl back under the doona and sleep again. The forecast for today is for us to have some evening shower later on – it’s going to be a wet weekend as well, apparently. I have made some headway in my proposal – although I can’t really move any further as I’m waiting for the application that I will use to analyse the data, as well as the data to be sent over from one of our corporate sponsors.

Alas, I won’t be able to head home just yet – I’ll be heading off to my old workplace to spend an hour or two over there before making my way back to the campus for a prayer meeting this evening. As much as I enjoy meeting my old workmates, it feels more and more bizarre for me heading back to my old office. I’ll be finishing there at the end of June so I can focus on my study and any potential contract research at the uni. Besides it seems that my old team can stand on their own feet at the moment. I’m getting more and more detached from the projects as well.

I am enjoying my university experience a lot though – it’s as if I had a second wind in life, starting out in a field that I like and facing exciting challenges, that I can now tackle – having been equipped with years and years of life experiences. It does make me sound like an old man, but it is exciting nevertheless. Sometimes I wish I still had the carefree attitude of my yesteryears but then again, I like the stage where I am now. It’s as if I am now parked in a refuelling station, ready to zoom to a higher level again in not so distant future.

So in a while I will need to head out and face the grey and cool Adelaide and hope that I will miss the rain – it feels like being back in Singapore or in Indonesia, without the hustle and bustle.

At least it’s all downhill from now, on to the weekend!

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