After the deluge


The balmy night and the chirping crickets almost make me believe that I can be somewhere in Asia, closer to my family. It has been quite a day here in Adelaide, after the city received around 30-50mm of rain. It’s certainly nothing to boast about, compared to the amount of rain that I used to experience in Indonesia. However, in dry Adelaide, it’s a cause for celebration. 🙂

I got up to the sound of the rain on the roof – it made me want to stay in bed longer and avoid going to uni altogether. The rain only eased at around 8.00am, so I could head to uni without having to fight with my umbrella and avoid any water splashes on my shoes and trousers. The air was fresh and humid – and I love that. It’s been a while since I experienced that in Adelaide. The trees and the plants certainly needed that, and I’m sure I will see the impact tomorrow and the following week – new leaves coming out and new grass sprouting from the ground – their last hurrah before they fall asleep for winter.

Uni was quite productive today even though I had a mild case of writer’s block – I found it hard to string good sentences for my thesis proposal. I fought on and could at least produce one or two paragraph that I’m sure I will reconstruct and modify tomorrow. I also got my first revisions from my main supervisor – she made few corrections and rewording suggestions and I’m glad that my writing isn’t totally off the course so far.  I also managed to work out a solution to my internet connection problem, thanks to teamwork with the IT guy and my curious and investigative mind. I’m still a geek after all! 😀

I had lunch at the Malaysian cafe in town – The Swinging Bowl. It resembles an Indonesian restaurant where you pick rice and the accompaniments and then the cashier just sums the total amount that you need to pay. It’s good to be a full-time student again as I’m entitled to get a discount for my rice, fried chicken and sambal egg. 🙂 The atmosphere is basic but at least the food is good I headed back to uni after I bought a packet of spicy cashews from Ditter’s – walking all the way along Hindley Street instead of taking the tram like I would normally do. I left my office at about 5.30pm and went home straightaway as I didn’t really feel like dilly-dallying in the city. We finished our Daylight Saving on Sunday, so it gets dark sooner now. Autumn is definitely here – my favourite season. The season of melancholy unlike winter’s sentimentality; the season of jubilant displays of graceful colours without the giddiness of spring.

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