Last day in Singapore

It’s my last day in Singapore before flying back to Adelaide tonight at 11.50pm. A day to relax and savour the last day in the tropics before returning home! I can’t wait, really – I’m quite concerned with my plants and see how they are surviving … hehe.

Yesterday I started my day with breakfast at Maccas again – after a short stroll to Raffles City and a cup of Triple Grande Hazelnut Latté, I walked to Suntec City to visit the IT Show 2007. It was *PACKED* – it’s like the Showbag area of the Royal Adelaide Show times 10, filled with geeks and nerds wanting to get the best bargain. Since I’m a geek, well, of course I was there to check what was on. Microsoft and Sony had a huge area to themselves; Sony was keen to promote PS3 whereas Microsoft went all gung-ho with Microsoft Vista. I had a stroll around and bought myself an external hard-drive as my hard-disk at home was nearing capacity. After my hard-drive purchase, I went home for a quick nap before having a late lunch at Tonkichi in Ngee Ann City. I actually had lunch the previous day at Tonkichi as well – at Shaw House. I love Japanese katsu curry, that’s why I thought I might as well have it again while I was in Singapore. I planned to buy a new pair of shoes at Takashimaya but nothing caught my fancy and they were not having a sale anyway, so I headed straight home, took a shower and freshened up as I was due to meet Amanda and Irene in Millenia Walk for dinner.

I took the bus that I used to take when I was still working in Singapore – route 171 to Marina Square. We planned to have dinner at Überburger in Millenia Walk but it looked like that it had closed down for good so we ended up having japanese food in one of the restaurant there. The food was oh-kay, nothing to write home about and it was rather pricey too but I had a pleasant conversation with Irene and Amanda. Amanda had quite a busy day having to be involved in the IT Show so she had to rush back to Suntec City after dinner. Irene and I decided to walk to Marina Square for a coffee – we continued our conversation and it was clear that whilst I had changed my view on many things, such as marriage, the future, and so forth, Irene had a similar view which I held when I was working here. I suppose if I return to Singapore, I need to be mindful whether I want that view again or not. Irene also mentioned that there were heaps of new shopping malls in Singapore – I don’t feel like going to more shopping malls as I really don’t have anything particular to buy. Singapore is running the risk of having Mall Overkill – you can’t escape a mall or a big shopping centre anywhere you go in Singapore!

After coffee, I went back home, watched some American Idol, did some packing and then went to sleep – I was quite restless the whole night to the point that I woke up at 4am. I turned on the telly for some background music and then went back to sleep and got up at 7.30am.

Today, well, I checked out early at 8.30am, went to the airport to check in so my big luggages are already there – I also put my carry-on luggage in the locker service at Changi. I only have my new Mandarina Duck sling bag with me now, with my passports, boarding pass, my iPod and camera – my tourist necessities! 🙂  I took the MRT back to the city, had breakfast at Burger King – a massive omelette sandwich – followed by a Triple Grande Caramel Late at Starbucks over today’s Straits Times.

After this, I will probably walk around some more – I’m also meeting my old Citibank colleagues at Millenia Tower for lunch. It’ll be good to catch up with Belinda, Felix and the rest and again get some updates on my old office gossips. Haha. I suppose after that,  when I’m too tired, I’ll just return to Changi and take a shower there and wait for my flight, 10 minutes to midnight. Jason mentioned on Tuesday that he and Bev might want to catch up with me today but I haven’t heard anything afterwards. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll probably have a sushi dinner at the airport or in the city somewhere. I will probably update my blog again when I’m in Changi later on tonight …

Cheers all!

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  1. Hi Arry, have a good flight back to Adelaide. I will be in Singapore next week, pity we just missed each other there.

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