Bon week-end à tout le monde!


The hour is inching closer to the weekend and I really don’t have any energy left do do any more work. It’s a cloudy and grey day here in Adelaide today – almost tropical. The dullness of the sky is making me sleepy and tired. :zzz:

It has been a very productive week, work-wise and study-wise with a lot of milestones achieve and progress made. I have even started writing my proposal and my supervisors seem to be pretty happy with my progress. I had my first meeting this morning and they suggested that I narrow down my topic and ensure that I deliver on them before I tackle other things that I am interested to tackle.

I have also finished the software that I’ve been working on for the past two months – well, we have reached a logical milestone, at least – I’m sure that there will be future adjustments and modifications to it but at the moment it is in a very good shape. Thank God for the years of programming and being a total computer geek! 🙂 So, on top of the proposal and the software that I have to manage, I also did some data analysis for my old company as they really need some assistance. With resources spread so thin, they asked me to do some analysis for them – which I did after I returned home from the Uni. I had to stay up late for some nights, finishing the analysis. No wonder I’m super tired! I wish I could head to bed and sleep – alas, I still have a busy evening today!

After this, I’m heading over to the Payneham Tavern to farewell my ex-colleague from the old company who is moving to Western Australia with her husband. I won’t stay there for too long as I have to be in town again by 6.45pm to watch my next French movie from the 2010 Alliance Française French Film Festival – The first day of the rest of your life (Le premier jour du reste de ta vie). After the movie finishes, I will meet the rest of the Indonesian youth for dinner. Tomorrow morning, I need to be up by 8am to do my driving lesson, and then at 11.00am, I will go to the city to watch my third French movie – then prayer meeting – then in the evening, I will watch my fourth French movie. I’m getting more tired just by thinking what is ahead of me this weekend! Whoa.

Well, I hope your weekend is much more relaxing and I hope you all a great time-out from your hustle and bustle at work! 😀

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