The rain made me reminisce



It finally rained this evening after a series of balmy days in Adelaide – it’s so nice to hear the real pitter-patter of the rain and not just the soft silent shower. Somehow it made me a bit nostalgic, back to my highschool days and to the period of close friendship, insecurities, and good music *laugh*. I had a look at my harddisk and I found one of my favourite songs from 1980’s – Chaka Khan’s Through the Fire.

My highschool days were filled with studying, being one of the top ten students in the class, being insecure and being afraid of my physical education lessons. I have never been sporty and I remember dreading putting my phys-ed tshirt underneath my school uniform and walking past the football field to warm up and do our exercises.  Those were also the days of forging close friendships with some of the folks in my class – and listening to good music. I knew Phil Collins, Chaka Khan, Johnny Hates Jazz, Spandau Ballet in this period. It’s sometimes hard to imagine that those days were more than twenty years ago! Whoa!

Back to the topic of music – I’m putting my iTunes to play on shuffle – the track that I’m listening now is Alicia Keys’ oldie but goodie If It Ain’t You. I was sick of this songs after hearing it everywhere after it was released, but now I feel I can listen to it and enjoy it again. “Some people want it all, but I don’t want nothin’ at all. If it ain’t you, baby. If I ain’t got you, baby. Some people want diamond ring, some just want everything. But everything means nothing if I ain’t got you.” Ahhhhhh. I’m in a warm and cuddly reminiscing mood at the moment!

Well, as it is 14 minutes to midnight already – I’d better take a shower and take advantage of the sound of the rain to lull me to sleep!

Good night, world!



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