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Sometimes I feel that I’m becoming a grumpy old man – the reason tonight is because a group of folks at church want to have a major event targetting the youth in a month’s time without considering the details: the objective, the contents of the event, who would do the follow-up, is everybody equipped with enough resources to handle the event and post-event, and other related aspects. Of course, as a detail-minded and pre-planning type of person, I can be excessively careful and analytical and end up not doing anything about it. Heck, it took me years and years before I got married and years and years before I learned how to drive!

The discussion took place after the prayer meeting tonight. I wasn’t there because I had to do my driving lesson this afternoon. Harry thought it would be a good idea to drive in different timeslots so I would experience different street conditions, sun position, and so forth. Yani came home and told me about it and we had quite an animated conversation about it. I am mildly annoyed that people can make major decisions without thinking the plan through. It’s as if we took God’s grace for granted – that it will be alright on the day. We then say things like “we go where the Spirit leads us” as a metaphor for “we haven’t really planned this for a long time; we just thought it would be a good idea to do it”. Most of the discussion participants are still students who need to be informed and directed – so that needs to be considered as well. They are young and impulsive, and they want a relatively instant gratification.

Of course I have been guilty for doing the same thing too – sometimes I have to make decisions on the fly. However, my preference is to think things through – to consider all of the aspects and minimise the “margin of error”. 🙂 It’s just amazing that we have done so many major events and activities at church in the past without robust planning and then to have them so successfully. They taught me that no matter how careful you plan, or how last-minute you are, at the end you do rely on the grace of God to pull it through. However, if we use this principle and then abuse it by having a “she’ll be right” attitude, without any robust thinking beforehand when we can and shouldthen I get pretty annoyed! 😡

What do you think?

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