Did you feel the earth move?

Thank you for the sms-es, all inquiring whether I’m okay.  I didn’t realise that there were major earthquakes in Indonesia, until I watched the news in the evening. No wonder that there were some Standard Chartered Bankers milling around my old office, Plaza By The Park in Bras Basah Road. I thought that they were doing a fire-drill or something … The earthquakes were felt in Singapore as well and many highrise dwellers were forced to evacuate because of the swaying.

It was quite sad as well when I learned this morning that there was another plane crash in Indonesia. It seems like a sickening series of tragedies – starting with the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004, Indonesia has endured numerous earthquakes, mini tornadoes, mudslides, plane crashes, sunk ferries, and flood. I feel very helpless – and I’m sure those living in Indonesia at the moment are feeling that way too. Although, being back in Indonesia made me aware how resilient Indonesians are – yes, the circumstances seem bleak and hope is something that most of the people are clinging to in spite of their harsh day-to-day life. Rice, petrol and other necessities are getting expensive; education is also getting to be the next battleground: whilst those from the middle class and upper class are educating their children in International school and giving the kids lessons in English, Mandarin, Mathematics, Piano, and all sorts of knowledge from the early age, I feel really sorry for the bright kids born in the slums all over the nation, who are born without such advantage …

Now let me update you with what I did today then … I had a relatively good sleep despite the ‘suspicious rhythmically creaking and banging sound’ from the room upstairs 😎 – I was awakened at midnight (I looked at the clock) because the inhabitants upstairs seemed to have a late night party of some sorts. 🙄 I thought about complaining but in such a no-frill hotel, I thought that it would be useless anyway.

I started my day today by walking to the McDonald’s at Parklane for my McMuffin – it’s all for nostalgia’s sake as I used to go there in the weekends when I worked in Singapore. I also saw the old aquarium shop that I used to buy my fish from – it’s still there in Parklane. New buildings have sprung all over the Bras Basah area – thankfully I can still find my old hangout places, resilient in the midst of redevelopment. There are many new cafés as well – those working in Plaza By The Park now have two cafés downstairs beside the ever-popular eating place, Kopitiam. I walked towards Raffles Place and had a cup of Triple Grande Hazelnut Latté at Starbucks over today’s ‘The Straits Times’. I found out that they have extended the subterranean shopping area below Raffles City – it’s like a maze of little shops down there now. Singapore is full of subterranean shopping area – I guess it’s what you do when you are short of land! Afterwards, I took the MRT over to Plaza Singapura for a haircut at my old hairdresser’s. I made an appointment for 12 o’clock with my old hairdresser, Keith. Thankfully he still works at Reds – if you’re looking for a good haircut while you’re in Singapore, head over to Reds in Plaza Singapura and enquire for Keith. Hehe.

I then went to Prudential Tower to close my managed funds account – closing another chapter of my Singapore yuppy life. That will certainly help in paying off my credit card account and kickstart my savings …

This afternoon I plan to walk around some more to Suntec City – do some shopping perhaps and just enjoy being in Singapore as a tourist again. I don’t have any further administrative connections with Singapore now – all of my banking accounts are closed, my PR will expire next month after which I will surrender the papers to the Singaporean High Commission in Canberra, and so the only reason for me to return in the future will be my good friends over here – Amanda, Irene, Bev, Jason, Sean (who can be such a flake at times), Clare and heaps others …

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  1. ……. no more resignations today, the new marketing and coms managers (2)appointed

    James is keeping the chatting going and making me laugh

    Met with the manager of big pond and thought he was very nice!

    Pity u missed the Clipsal , would have liked to see you in a Holden cap!

    Fringe is starting Friday , 60,000 tickets sold already

    Bloody traffic and diversions in town is insane.

    BBQ at CAs next Thursday night and u are invited.

    take care, have fun shopping. P

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