Surviving Tuesday


I had written four long paragraphs to post as a blog entry and decided to put a picture above. Somehow my blogging software decided to wipe out the text and only saved the picture. Aaargh! 😡 Now I have to remember what I had written earlier and tried to regurgitate it from my memory … grrrr!

It’s my first day back at the university after the long weekend and it’s always hard adjusting yourself to the activities after a long period of relaxing and laziness. In the past, I would face the upcoming week with excitement and curiosity but somehow I faced this week with a little bit of apprehension and dread. I only have a week left before I need to sign my Statement of Agreement along with my supervisor and co-supervisor which basically sets my research topic for the next two years. Unfortunately I am yet to have a formal meeting with my supervisor due to her busy schedule, so the meeting is now set for Thursday. 😮 At least I have done some groundwork to get things moving – I have met several people from the Institute and have started to gather some articles and journals that will help me with my research. On top of that, I also met my potential co-supervisor last week who lent me her Advertising Media Planning book so I could have a read.

Today ended up pretty productive though – I attended a seminar at 11.00am on ‘The Unconscious Consumer’ which was really interesting and thought-provoking. The presenter was a guest academic from Duke University – as his background is psychology, the topic also invited some rigorous discussions on branding with the floor. After the seminar, I had a quick lunch on my desk – and then when sleepiness set in, I ducked out quickly to get some coffee.

The rest of the afternoon was spent researching more journals – I found four good ones for my research and also some backing information for the introduction. Woohoo. I also enrolled myself in some of the workshops organised by the Library as well as by the Learning and Teaching Unit at the University on research and thesis writing. I was a bit reluctant to do it as I thought it might be a waste of time but then I decided that I shouldn’t be too proud to learn new skills, even when I already know some of the techniques. 🙂

On the weather front, Adelaide is still very cool – the maximum only reached 22C at 3pm – it’s currently 19.5C at 5pm. It will warm up again towards the end of the week which I’m sure Yani will love. She prefers the warmer weather whereas I love the cool temperature. I don’t know how she will survive if we end up living in cool New Zealand or Norway. Hahaha. 😀

Well, it’s already 5.20pm so I should head home now. I plan to make a detour to the supermarket to get myself some shampoo and shower gel – we ran out of them at home. I know, too much information, but you’re reading this anyway. Haha. I’ve survived Tuesday, so the rest of the week should be easier … I have a half-day orientation again tomorrow in the afternoon from 1.30pm – 5.00pm, so the morning should be relatively busy with more reading and researching!

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