Here comes autumn!

The crickets are on overdrive in the darkened laundry room – chirping away, not wanting to let go of summer as we step into autumn. It has been a cool weekend here in Adelaide, not as wild and wooly as it was in Melbourne, but still it was quite a change from the warmth of summer into gusty cool autumny days. Some of leaves are changing already, in preparation for a full colour burst in a couple of months’ time.


It’s a public holiday today in Adelaide – Adelaide Cup Day – it was so nice to get up late this morning! Some of the Indonesian youth took advantage of the day and drove south to Victor Harbor for a quick excursion. I opted to stay in Adelaide as I planned to go to the ABC Gardening Expo at the Royal Adelaide Showground. I walked all the way from home to the Showground – about two kilos, which wasn’t bad at all. Because of the cooler weather, I think there were less people this year compared to last year. I didn’t buy any plants, except for a Gardening Australia showbag and four watering ‘Greenwells‘ to protect my trees against careless grassmowing and to concentrate the water into the root area of the trees when I water them.

I walked back home from the Showground and then watched a little bit of the 2010 Academy Awards presentation – I used to be more interested in the whole ceremony and all of the brouhaha; now I just care about the results, that’s it. It’s getting longer and longer, and the jokes are getting ‘forced’ and unfunny. Congratulations to all of the winners! 🙂

I’ve also tidied up my study a bit more, after procrastinating it for almost three months … hehehe. It’s tidier, even though I still need to tidy it up some more. There are still piles of paper and stuff to organise or throw away. Well, it’s time that I head to bed – it’s nearly midnight here and Tuesday is already waiting for me!

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