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I’ve made it past Wednesday – things should look up from here. 🙂 Most of the folks from the Institute are gone already, having early dinner and then heading off to see a show at the Fringe Festival at 6.30pm. The office is already really quiet now, bar one or two other lonely souls. *grin* I would’ve gone as well, but I’m going to see La Clique with Yani tonight, besides I need to go to the Prayer Meeting beforehand anyway.

I’ve been looking forward to La Clique, hearing so many good reviews on their last visit to Adelaide. If I’m not mistaken, their last Adelaide show was in conjunction with the Adelaide Fringe Festival, but this time around, they’re part of the Adelaide Festival of Arts. I’ve been told that it’s funny and that it’s a combination of circus, vaudeville and some kind of freakshow – pretty much a circus for adults, really.

It’s been quite a fruitful week so far – busy, but intellectually-stimulating-kind-of-busy. I have been working on the Microsoft Excel macro on top of my discussions with several personnel at the Institute, sussing out a potential research topic that I will be doing for my thesis. My supervisor has already had one in mind – my task is to crystallise it and then find associate supervisor and any other folks who can help me on my journey. It’s also good that my Microsoft Excel macro has put me at the forefront with some important guests who are in town to meet with the Institute – and the satisfying thing is that I have managed to optimise it even more this afternoon and cut down the processing time. Viva le Geek! 😀

On a different front, I still haven’t managed to shake off my cold and it’s still making me sleepy and lethargic – even the guest who’s here for the meetings with the Institute is really sick. His voice deteriorated from when I saw him last. Well, it’s time to go, I think. I have about more than an hour to spare before I need to be in another building within the University complex for my prayer meeting.

Still relatively broke, still sick, but feeling pretty good! 🙂

PS: If you’re wondering how I can afford getting La Clique ticket when I say that I’m broke? I bought it earlier in February for my Valentine’s Day present for Yani (even though I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, it’s a nice thing to have a night out as well – even if we can’t have a nice dinner beforehand like what I had planned before. Haha).

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