Lazy Saturday morning


It’s Saturday morning here in Adelaide, nearly 9.30am – there’s no driving school today as Harry is taking a week off. It’s great to get up later and catch some extra snooze as I’m not feeling 100% either. I can feel a cold coming so I’ve been taking some medication to prop me up. There’s nothing like being melancholic, sick and broke at the same time *laugh*. Due to some timing factors, my travel reimbursement from my old company has not been processed yet, my second stipend has not yet been credited and my last pay from the old company is smaller than I anticipated and is barely enough to cover my mortgage payment. I know that God will provide, but there’s a certain sweetness to the pain in the “Land of Vulnerability”. When life is hunky dory, one tends to take it for granted and not to rely on God for the provision. Well, I’m the one bringing myself into that land when I made the decision to leave and return to school. So the next couple of years will be interesting indeed! You’ve just got to have faith!

At the moment, the wind is blowing outside but the sun is also out so all in all, it’s a very pleasant late Summer’s day. I’m playing an old Celtic music CD that I haven’t listened for ages, which is a nice touch of melancholy for the morning. Earlier on, while having breakfast with Yani, I listened to a new CD that I bought on Wednesday from a street busker in Rundle Mall – he was so impressive with his guitar with long thin fingers and long fingernails playing some classical and traditional tunes. I was really intrigued. I took a peek at his stacks of CD and googled his name using my iPhone (the wonders of technology! Instant seek-and-ye-shall-find!) 😀 He is not your normal garden-variety street busker! His name is Tom Ward, a Tasmanian who has an Honours degree in music from the Australian National University. He has played in the major cities in Australia and is no doubt in Adelaide at the moment to take advantage of the number of people in town for the Fringe and the Adelaide Festival of Arts.

Well, in a moment I will need to take a shower and head to the city. Even laziness needs to stop sometimes. 🙂

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