As we’re getting closer to the 2010 Academy Awards, everybody’s getting curious with the movies that are nominated for each category. I have been intrigued with Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire. The lead actress, Gabourey Sidibe (playing Precious in the movie) and Mo’Nique (playing Precious’ mother – Mary) received rave reviews about their performance in the movie. So Yani and I went to see it after church today …

The movie is about Precious, an overweight 16-year old African-American girl who is pregnant with her second baby. The school discharged her because of her pregnancy – her mother abuses her emotionally, calling her worthless, stupid, and words that I don’t dare print in my blog. Her own father molests her – he is the father of Precious’ children. From the movie, we learn that her mum allowed the father to abuse Precious when she was only three years of age. I can’t imagine a man who would abuse his own three-year old daughter! He continued to abuse her and even gave her HIV. I found it hard to judge the mother when she was rationalising why she allowed her husband to abuse her daughter. She was trapped in a loveless situation where she used love as her drug … She was also conditioned to crave for love.

It’s only after she meets Ms. Blu Rain, her teacher in the alternative school Each One Teach One that she starts to believe in herself, that she can be loved and that she can have a purpose in her life. Even though the movie is quite bleak and depressing, it is a story about victory in the midst of adversity. Ultimately, Precious decides to rise up and finish her school and advances with her life, even when she has to take care of her two children.

The movie delivers in most of its promises – I don’t like some of the artistic direction too much as it detracts from the story. I feel that the movie can stand on its own feet based on the performance of the actors – even Mariah Carey felt as if she belonged in the movie! (If you don’t believe me, she is in the movie – playing as the social worker, Mrs Weiss).

Precious also makes me soooo grateful of my own life – so many people are born in adverse situations, in broken families, wars and poverty. Before I open my mouth to whinge, I will have to remind myself that I am so blessed in my life, even with my own challenges and issues to face.



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