Roarrr – It’s the Year of the Tiger!

Happy Valentine's Day, Tigers!

Happy New Year to you all who happen to know that we have started a new lunar year today! After quite a turbulent the Year of the Ox, we are now in the Year of the Tiger. Even though I consider it fun to celebrate and participate in the festivities, I don’t really subscribe to the horoscopes and the predictions for the new year. Whatever will be, will be! It so happens that Chinese New Year coincides with Valentine’s Day this year – I cynically posted in my Facebook profile that “Valentine’s Day is for those who feel guilty for the other 364 days of the year”. It feels quite contrite to be so lovey dovey for one year of the year, with cards bought and exchanged, roses, chocolate, fancy dinner – when you know full well that you aren’t like that for the rest of the year. Of course, it is nice to be lovey dovey for a change, but knowing that the day is fully commercialised with jacked up prices makes me even more cynical. That said, I have bought a card for Yani and have bought combined birthday and Valentine’s Day present. We’re off to see La Clique as part of the 2010 Adelaide Festival of Arts on March 3, 2010 but don’t tell her just yet – it’s a secret! 😉 Most of the tickets are sold out already and I’m glad that I’ve managed to secure two tickets – I wanted to go during the weekend but there are no more tickets left for weekend shows.

If I were at home at the moment, I would’ve had some Chinese New Year dinner and gathering with my family – instead, I went with Yani, my pastor and his wife, and two of our friends to a simple Chinese restaurant for an early dinner and then we went home and watched TV instead. I ended up falling asleep on the sofa in the spare bedroom while Yani was asleep in the living room. I got up at 10.30pm, thinking that I was way later. Our friends from church actually had Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner in a restaurant down south in Marion, but I didn’t feel like going – we were full already and beside, we really need to start watching our expenses closely. I’ll share about the reason and the full story tomorrow. 🙂

So apart from those, the day went by as per normal – I got up at 7.30am, hit snooze twice and then begrudgingly woke up and had my devotional – it’s a good one today, about Esau and Jacob and how Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of pea soup. The last verse in the passage hit me – the Indonesian version translated it as something like “Thus Esau disregarded his birthright” or “Thus Esau saw his birthright as something trivial” (Genesis 25:34b). He despised his birthright just because he was so hungry and tired and he wanted a bowl of pea soup. He even exaggerated and said that he was dying out of hunger anyway, so he didn’t care about his birthright. The passage reminds me about the times when I sin, which is akin to ‘seeing my status as a child of God as something trivial’ only because I give in to temptations. Only the Holy Spirit can show me a well-known passage in a new light … I have heard the story so many times from when I was in Sunday School but it’s only now that I can see it in a different light.

After my devotion, I quickly got ready and did my driving lesson – it was my fourth lesson and I’m getting more and more relaxed even though Harry, my instructor, still told me that I gripped the steering wheel too tightly and that I should relax some more. I joked that perhaps I should drink some chamomile tea before I took the lessons! He related a story that there was a girl who could do the lessons really well and really calmly, and then one day, she went into pieces. She told Harry that she ran out of weeds that day! Hahaha. I still need to learn about turning left and right smoother – at least I’m getting more and more comfortable being on the road. 🙂

Clown loaches (Chromobotia macracanthus)

I returned home at 10.00am, and then I walked to the aquarium store nearby to get some new fish after the death of my Siamese Algae Eater in December 2009 and one of my kuhli loaches on Thursday (Rest in peace little friends! The ants sure loved you …). I bought two clown loaches – they are so shy now though that they hide underneath the driftwood all the time! The black-and-orange stripes are certainly appropriate to usher in the Year of the Tiger! Too bad they’re so timid! Maybe I should get some more dither fish – like rasboras or more tetras …

Well, it’s 2.41am already so I should head to bed! I want to be in church in the morning, giving my full attention! 🙂 Happy Chinese New Year all and oh yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day. Haha.

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