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If I were asked whether I would move to Melbourne or Sydney, my answer would be Melbourne, definitely. Even though I was besotted and surprised by Bondi Beach in Sydney, the attraction is not strong enough to displace Melbourne as a preferred spot in Australia outside of Adelaide.

I am now back in the Virgin Blue airport lounge, this time without my ex-colleague Ben, who had free access to the lounge thanks to his advanced frequent flyer membership. I’m here with Rory, my workmate, who was also with me in Bondi Beach last week.

I delivered a presentation to one of our key clients this morning which went really well. The room was full of the senior management as well as some members of the company. Unfortunately I had to get up at 4.00am so that I would be ready in time for my 6.05am flight from Adelaide to Melbourne. After two snooze hits, I reluctantly dragged myself into the bathroom and had my shower. Yani also got up with me and made myself a cup of coffee. The flight was uneventful as I pretty much slept throughout of the trip – the flight between Adelaide and Melbourne is a short one anyway.

After the presentation, we made our way to Carlton to have our lunch at Brunetti, my favourite spot in Melbourne. I have mentioned about Brunetti on several occasions here that they have a wide selection of cookies and cakes that made me like a boy in a candy-store, staring at the varieties in wide-eyed bewilderment. I had a nice spinach and cheese slice that was made with flaky pastry (Sfogliata Spinach) as well as meat rice croquette with some bolognaise sauce (Suppli). I thought since I only visited Melbourne once or twice a year, I might as well go overboard a bit. Lunch was good and filling, and after that I bought 1kg of cookies in various formats and flavours to bring home to Adelaide. Rory also bought some mini cakes to bring back to her parents and many people commented on our Brunetti purchase as we made our way to the lounge, each with a Brunetti box. Hahaha. 🙂

The weather is on a tad cool side but pleasant – at least it wasn’t like yesterday when some areas of Melbourne were flooded because of the heavy rain. It’s also a much-welcome change to the muggy and hot weather that we had in Adelaide in the past three days. Last night was the first cool night that we had in Adelaide after several hot and muggy nights.

So, I’m just here waiting for my flight – I’ve finished my skinny latté and my biscottis and nougat, just relaxing and loving every minute of Melbourne. (Well, at least at the lounge at the airport! 🙂 Seriously though, I wouldn’t mind living here. 🙂

Have a great Friday, all!

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