iPad: iSee, iShrug, and iPass …


The fanfares surrounding the launch of iPad hushed suddenly and in the midst of the billowing dry ice, the ooh and the aah came … an enlarged version of the iPhone.

As soon as I got up this morning, I went to my computer rightaway to see the news report around the launch of the thing that would be known as the iPad. I must admit that the product seems a little ho-hum. Of course it is a great gadget to bring along when you’re travelling – it’s relatively cheap, it looks great, and it provides greater playing field than the limited iPhone screen acreage. However, I was expecting more -whatever the ‘more’ is, I really don’t know. I suppose after the hype is built, you really want the hype to fit the reality, and I’m sorry to say, that my pent-up expectation of the product seemed a little bit wasted.

Of course you can read books, watch movies, watch your photo collections on it, or even do your word processor or spreadsheet using your iPad. However, it has been reported that iPad doesn’t allow you to multitask. If you want to watch a video clip as you write your email, well tough luck, you will have to sequentially plan your activities! The iPad is also not equipped with any forward-facing nor back-facing camera. So if you want to have a Skype session using your iPad, well tough luck! It seems that the current version of iPad is pretty but it’s not compelling enough for me to run and get it – unlike the sensation that I had when iPhone 3G  was launched in Australia. I even braved the chilly Adelaide winter to go to the city early in the morning and queued to get my phone.

For those who swear by reading books using Kindle or any eReader gadgets, they say that the iPad is a much better gizmo to do it. Unfortunately I am still a traditionalist at heart – even though I am a geek who loves gadgets and gizmos galore (hang on, that’s a lyric from Little Mermaid! 😯 ). I still love seeing the rows of CDs on the shelves with the various cover designs. I also love looking at my rows and rows of books with their differing thickness, sizes and pictures. I can pick them up anytime without having to worry about dying battery or accidentally dropping my reader on the floor. Yes of course I can have virtual bookshelves and virtual CD jukebox and I do have a large collection of songs in my iPhone now rather than lugging a boxful of CDs around. However, practicality has sacrificed the ‘romance’. It’s the same with digital photos, I have heaps lying around in my harddisk and flashdisks, but they can never entice the emotional sensation when I touch, see, and drink in the view from physical photographs.

It’s also similar with emails – of course emails break down barriers of distance and time, but they can never ever replace the good old jitters when you know that the postman may bring a letter or a package from your family or from a faraway friend today. I remember exchanging letters with penpals all over the world and I was always giddy like a labrador puppy a fortnight after I sent a letter to a farflung corner of the US or Europe, knowing that I will get a reply anytime soon.

However, I digress … So, the iPad does look sexy, but I don’t think it is for me. I’d rather get an updated unibody macbook as a replacement of my old one than getting an iPad.

iSee, iShrug, and iPass.

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