Sweet, balmy Adelaide


It’s a nice and balmy in Adelaide tonight – we had rainy moments earlier on that were similar to the torrential downpours in the tropics. So it seemed very fitting that Yani cooked some Sambal Terong Ikan Teri (Spicy Eggplant with Crispy Anchovies) for dinner tonight with some chicken and mushroom clear soup – it felt as if I had been somewhere in Indonesia at that very moment. 🙂 It was a delicious dinner and it’s true, I really need to watch my weight very carefully. Eating regularly can mean that I have a stead weight increase as well! 😮 I have to return to my salad lunch regime and not overfeed myself during dinner.

It has also become quite a routine that we would have some tea in the evening – I would make her one and then leave it on the living room table as she chats to her online friends while watching some TV. I would bring mine to the study room where I chat to my mates or just write my blog just like what I’m doing at the very moment. I’m sure this routine will change and morph again in the future, but for the time being both of us have slipped into a zone that is comfortable for both of us. We do enjoy each other’s company but we are also conscious not to encroach into each other’s private space, if you know what I mean. 🙂

So, unlike the previous days, I have taken a shower and ready to head to bed. I really need to stop staying up late and rushing around like a headless chook in the morning. I do get up early-ish at 7.00am and after two snoozes, I usually get up at about 7.20am and then do my morning devotional. After that, I iron my shirt (and trousers, depending whether I change them or not … hehehe), while Yani prepares breakfast and my coffee. I usually return to my computer and check the news and my email and facebook and then head to the shower and then rush around to get ready to catch the bus to the city. I am usually half asleep when I’m in the bus, catching the extra sleep that I can get on the way to the city, and from the city to Marden, where the office is. It will be quite a busy day tomorrow with a meeting scheduled at 10.00am with one of my clients, and then another meeting at 3.00pm. At least the day will go very quickly.

Well, goodnight beautiful world! Like millions of people around the world, I can’t wait to get up and read the news about Apple’s new product whether it is iPad, iTablet, iSlate or iWhatever. 🙂 Apple has a way to excite its followers (including me, presumably *grin*) and to strengthen their loyalty to the products. I consider myself as being versatile though – I work with Windows at work as well as at home (my desktop), but I do love my MacBook as well as my iPhone! I hope that the new product is as exciting as it is hyped to be! We’ll find out tomorrow!

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