Happy Oi-oi-oi!

It’s Australia Day today and I can hear the faint explosions of the fireworks outside. There was a free outdoor concert in the city but it was just too hot to be out and about and I wasn’t in the mood to be picnicking so I ended up staying at home and doing some more cleaning and arranging – a productive Australia Day! 🙂 I didn’t have any lamb nor a barbeque, which is the customary way of celebrating Australia Day. It’s a bit weird being caught in two cultures – I don’t particularly relate to the Indonesian Independence Day anymore but I am not fully immersed in the Australian culture either.

It was good to get up late and just to laze around in the morning where normally I would’ve scurried here and there, getting ready for work. Unfortunately I will have to do the scurrying around tomorrow – at least it will be a short week with three more working days before the weekend. I also spent some time watering some of the trees in the backyard – I have managed to revive the crepe myrtle! After a number of waterings, new leaves have appeared again so at least I won’t need to buy a new tree. It was quite an expensive purchase if I remember correctly. I will still need to replace the smokebush as well as another tree in the front yard. One at a time! After catching up with the ironing that I should’ve done months ago, I also continued to tidy up my messy study room (it’s still work in progress), and then relaxed with a glass of Peter Lehmann Late Harvest Frontignac 2008 – it was nice and smooth and easy to drink. We bought it early last year but I hadn’t had a chance to enjoy it – until now. So at least I do something ‘Aussie’ today – enjoying the wine from the country. 🙂

Yani cooked some beef stew-stirfry thingie as well as some garlic stem stirfry and I suggested that we had our dinner outside in the veranda. The temperature had cooled off by then even though the sun was still out. It was nice to sit outside and enjoy our dinner. The grapevines should provide ample covering by next Summer – I can’t wait!

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