My expanding pouch


Days of culinary tours and snacking have finally produced its toll – my pouch has expanded to an alarming level. Staying with my fourth sister while I was in Bandung meant that she was determined to feed both Yani and I really well. There were a lot of cakes and biscuits that were ready for me to snack upon. Yani’s not the snacking kind so I was given the free reign to do the sampling. 😛 On top of that, my oldest niece and her boyfriend also took me and Yani on a trip around Bandung and Lembang (the highland town near Bandung) to enjoy the local delicacies on Tuesday. Bandung is arguably the cuisine capital in Java. 🙂 At the end of the day, we were like two fattened cows after non-stop eating and drinking. Hahaha.

It feels like a waste if I start my healthy regime while I’m still in Indonesia as I won’t find most of the food in Adelaide, so I will need to deal with it when I return home! We’re now back in Jakarta, spending the last two nights here before we head back Down Under. Today, Yani and I went to Kelapa Gading Mall where I had some Pempek Palembang (Fishcakes with Noodles and Sour Soup à la Palembang) and Yani had some noodles and meatballs. Tomorrow, we will meet some of my ex-colleagues from Citibank – and no doubt, we would be eating well again.

Ahhhh, food, food, and glorious food … now if only I have a magic wand so I can wave it on my pouch and say ‘Pouch, be gone!’ 😀 I suppose daily push-ups and a return to salad lunches will help, eh? Haha.

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